Renewal service

We are called to worship God and we believe in the power of worship. That is why we offer churches the opportunity to invite us to a ‘renewal service’, where we make room for the work of the Spirit. 1 Cor.14:26 “Brothers and sisters, what does this mean for your gathering? When you come together, everyone contributes something: a song, a teaching, a revelation, an expression in language or its explanation. Let everything be for the building up of the church.”

The vision for these services

We want to be a channel of God, by taking people into worship, bringing prophetic impressions and/or words and giving testimonies that serve to encourage, restore and provide direction for people and the church. We want to create the atmosphere of a safe living room where we worship God and give God lots of space. A place where you will feel loved and you can be yourself, where you can laugh and cry. Where you may receive healing and be activated to participate in God’s plan of salvation. We believe that in this way we can contribute to the building up of the community and revival in the church.

The team

Theo van Laar and Gillis Riemens will come with a team to serve you as a church. I am Theo van Laar and I have given the calling on my life two words; “Fatherhood and Connector”.  I try to walk in this calling as active as possible. To show the Fatherhood of God and connect people to each other and above all to the Father’s Heart. I work at Royal Mission and have a passion for worship. I am married to Ina, we live in Veenendaal and together we have three children, two of whom are now married.

My name is Gilles Riemens and I have been a volunteer at Royal Mission since I met Theo. Over the years I have noticed that God has encreased my heart for the recovery of people, both spiritually and physically. God uses each person in a different way for His kingdom. For myself I have noticed that He mainly gives me a listening ear for others and gives me prophetic piano playing, words and/or impressions of encouragement or recovery/healing. I am married to Hananja, we live in Terneuzen and together we have a son and daughter, who are both beautiful and cheerful.

Practical interpretation

  • We are happy to provide worship during the morning service in your congregation
  • The service will look different and have more of a living room atmosphere.
  • There will be different stations such as: the Cross, communion table, prayer roll etc.
  • We may share a thought, impression or words during the service
  • During the meeting we take time to minister to the people in the congregation through prayer, sharing prophetic impressions and/or the anointing of persons (to release them into ministry and/or calling).
  • Sound is provided by the congregation and will be coordinated with us according to our requirements
  • We bring several team members with us who support us in music, prayer and prophecy

The dates Sunday evening January 28, 2024 De Lichtboog Houten Sunday morning February 25, 2024 Christian community Londerzeel Belgium Sunday morning April 14, 2024 Gospel community de Wijngaard Oost Souburg Sunday morning June 9, 2024 Mozaïek Drachten


Please realize that Theo and Gilles and the other musicians who come along, live from this ministry of worship. That is why we collect an offering during the service for the ministry of Royal Mission. So we do not ask a fixed amount for a renewal service, but a donation from the people who are present in the service. This is how we invest in your ministry and believe that you want to invest in our ministry. INTEREST in a renewal service


  • Inspiratie

    Wij bieden inspiratie aan iedereen die werk wil maken van discipelschap en de herleving van de kerk.

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  • Onderwijs

    Wil je meer? We bieden vernieuwend onderwijs. Zowel Parttime als Fulltime en voor alle doelgroepen.

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  • Kerkontwikkeling


    We helpen lokale kerkleiders hun eigen kerk verder te ontwikkelen tot een Koninklijke kerk

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  • vrienden


    Word vriend(in) en bouw met ons mee aan een koninklijke beweging en de herleving van de kerk

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  • Webshop


    Boeken, cd's of kinderwerkmateriaal? Deze producten helpen je om te groeien in je geloof en uit te delen aan anderen

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  • Getuigenis


    Getuigenissen van wat God op wonderlijke wijze doet in ons land en hoe Hij bouwt aan zijn Koninklijke kerk.

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