Growth Conference: Prophetic Living

Wave after Wave!

For a number of years we have experienced that God speaks to us through the image of waves that want to flood us and our country. Wave after wave, heavenly blessing becomes visible. We see the heavenly waves when we look back and we also want to look forward under the guidance of God’s Spirit. Discover together what God wants to entrust to us and how the church in the Netherlands can flourish (again). We personally invite you to attend.

Unique time
We consider it a privilege to welcome you (possibly with your partner) on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March as a participant in this special time of worship, revelation and ministry. We believe that God has good plans for the Netherlands, for the church and for you personally. We trust that, guided by the Spirit of God, we may see what God wants to do in us and through us. As told of the tribe of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12:32 ‘They that had understandingin the times to know what Israel should do.”We want to use this time to hear from God, so that we know what we can do.

Speakers and worship leaders
Zoran Spasovskyis predecessor/overseer of the Christian Center 490 congregations in Macedonia. He is married to Rebecca and they have 4 children.Zoran has a very strong prophetic ministry and special insights about grace. He has already been to the Netherlands several times, including a visit to our team in Veenendaal. That meeting was orchestrated by God and the start of an exceptional bond in the kingdom of God. Zoran is received with enthusiasm at all churches and ministries he visits.

Esther Vorsterman Van Oijen is a prophetic speaker, presenter, trainer and writer. Esther is married to Eduard, from the well-known Burning Candles gospel family. Together they are blessed with three beautiful children and live in the heart of the Netherlands. Just like her role model Queen Esther from the Bible, she believes that every person is born for a time like this. You are called to make a difference. The time of silence is over, your voice matters and counts. With her constructive message she encourages you to stand up, embrace the royal identity and do what you are really meant to do; to govern! She also wants to pass on this legacy and this royal DNA to the new generation.

Robbie van Veen is married to Anne and lives in the heart of Utrecht. He has been working at Royal Mission for 2 years as a speaker, teacher and connector. His ministry is characterized by his love for the church, his ministry as a teacher and his powerful prophetic anointing. His favorite saying is: ‘100% Word & 100% Spirit’. His greatest passion and desire is to equip every believer to be ‘like Jesus’ (1 John 4:17) to be where God has placed him/her. Robbie is a beloved speaker, working on his first book and a friend to many leaders in the country.

Martin Koornstra is married to Karin and together they have 2 daughters. More than 13 years ago they started Royal Mission with a passion for the kingdom of God and a vision for revival across the full breadth of the church. In the meantime, Martin has become a much sought-after speaker at home and abroad. He is also a good writer, an inspiring trainer and a leader for leaders. Martin’s heart burns for the power of God and the spiritual maturity of Christians.

Theo van Laar is a wonderful worship leader. He is married to Ina and the father of 3 children. His passion for the presence of God, for sincere worship and for God
guidance in your life is a hallmark of His ministry. Anyone who knows Theo knows that he carries the glory of God with him. In recent years, Theo has been able to bring hundreds of people to a place of peace and intimacy with God through our training. We believe that God will also be tangibly present in and through worship during these two days.

Benjamin Koning is an ardent and enthusiastic worshiper. He is married to Myrthe and they have 2 daughters. His music sets people free and always carries the sound of victory. Benjamin has a burning desire for the power of God in and during worship. Revelation and healing will flow during the songs that are sung. He has been the worship leader during the Wonderful Sundays in Veenendaal and in the country for years.

Date and location
We will welcome you on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March from 10:00 am with coffee and tea in our brand new Malieveldzaal , near our office.De Schutterij 10 in Veenendaal . During these 2 days we provide tea, coffee, soft drinks and an extensive lunch. You can arrange dinner yourself. There are various options in the area surrounding the hall, such as McDonalds, De Beren, Burger King and Van der Valk.

Program for both days
10:00 am Welcome
10:30 am Meeting 1
12:30 Lunch
1:30 PM Meeting 2
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Activation
5:00 PM Dinner (arrange yourself)
7:00 PM Meeting 3
9:30 PM End

The Royal Mission team is busy with the preparations. Please join us in praying that God will bless us exceedingly and give clear encouragement and revelations about His plans for us, His church and our country. We are really looking forward to spending these 2 days together with you. Prepare in prayer and come with anticipation.

To ask
We look forward to meeting you and experiencing a heavenly time together in God’s presence. If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to email us

To register
You can only register if you have received a personal invitation by email.
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