Growth Conference: Prophetic Living

Prophetic life – March 1 and 2 ’24

Can we all prophesy? How does that work? And isn’t it precisely an office reserved for a few? Why is a prophetic culture in the church so important and how do you build it? What are prophetic actions and how can I practice them? If these are questions that concern you or your church, then the ‘Prophetic Life’ conference is for you and we would like to cordially invite your church to attend. For a church that is prophetic revives because it speaks the words of God and God’s words always bring life. ‘Yes, I will pour out My Spirit on all My servants and maidservants at that time, so that they may prophesy ‘ (Acts 2:18). The promise of Joel, which Peter spoke on the day the church was born, speaks of a church that prophesies.

Everything in a row

  • Date: Friday 1 and Saturday 2 March
  • Speakers: Zoran Spasovki, Martin Koornstra, Robbie van Veen, Ina van Laar, Albert van der Heide
  • Times: Friday from 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Saturday from 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Royal Mission building Veenendaal
  • For whom: Anyone who longs for a prophetic culture (in the church)
  • Costs: None. We provide lunch, you arrange dinner yourself (there are plenty of dining options in the area).

Program Friday

        • 10 a.m.: Welcome with coffee and tea
        • 10.30 am: Inspiration session 1 with Martin Koornstra
        • 12.30: Lunch
        • 1.30 pm: Inspiration session 2 with Robbie van Veen
        • 3:00 PM: Break
        • 3.30 pm: Inspiration session 3 with Zoran Spasovski
        • 5:00 PM: End

Program Saturday

        • 10 a.m.: Welcome with coffee and tea
        • 10.30 am: Inspiration session 4 with Albert van der Heide
        • 12.30: Lunch
        • 1.30 pm: Inspiration session 5 with Zoran Spasovski
        • 3:00 PM: Break
        • 3.30 pm: Inspiration session 6 with Ina van Laar
        • 5:00 PM: Dinner time
        • 7:00 PM: Inspiration session 7 with Martin Koornstra
        • 9:00 PM: End

Register here for the Growth Conference ‘Prophetic Life’ of March 1 and 2, 2024

To ask

We look forward to meeting you and experiencing a heavenly time of growth together in God’s presence. If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to email us


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