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ONLINE GROWTH COURSES (unlimited availability)

We also offer a number of FREE ONLINE unlimited growth courses . These are in-depth mini-courses that contribute enormously to spiritual growth, in which thousands of participants have already taken part. Many have experienced enormous breakthroughs and made growth steps. Ideal for taking a growth course with your Bible study group, home circle, church or group of friends.

Growing in discipleship

The subject of discipleship or following Jesus should concern every Christian. Jesus’ great commission is about making disciples and therefore also about being a disciple yourself. Yet many Christians and unfortunately many churches have no idea how this can be done. It even seems that we mainly produce many ‘spiritual consumers’ rather than ‘spiritual producers’. Fortunately, something is happening and a hunger for spiritual growth and multiplication is awakening throughout the church.

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Growing in the Gifts of the Spirit

“There is a difference of gifts, but it is the same Spirit; and there is a difference of orders, but it is the same Lord; there is a difference of operations, but it is the same God who worketh all in all.’ (1 Cor. 12:4-6) Tongues and interpretation, prophecy, discerning of spirits, wisdom, words of knowledge, workings of powers, healings… You could also call the gifts of the Spirit the treasury of the church. Full of wonderful gifts to bless people’s lives and build God’s Kingdom on earth.

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Growing in Spirit Power

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me,” those were the first words Jesus spoke in the synagogue at the start of his speech. From that moment on, He began a powerful ministry on earth. We want to help you see the power of the Spirit increase in your life.

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Grow in faith in your family

There is no greater adventure for your family than learning to hear God’s voice together. God longs to show you and your children who He really is and how He wants to help you with the questions of every day. Education, and especially faith education, does not happen automatically. First of all, it requires a conscious choice from you as a parent to invest in it. In this course we want to help you with this wonderful and important challenge in a very practical way with fun practical exercises and tools: Growing in Faith in your Family!

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Growing in giving and receiving

God is a giving God and He made us in His likeness. We are designed to be givers and this will make you happy, because “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35). This proves to be quite a challenge in a world that only wants to get and collect. At the same time we have to deal with a paradox. We find it difficult to receive. We are so trained to earn and conquer it ourselves that simply receiving something takes effort. In this growth course we want to help you to grow in giving and receiving, as God made and intended us.

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Growing in your identity in Christ

Your identity in Christ is indestructible. You are loved unconditionally and completely accepted. That is the truth. In this growth course, Arie de Rover and Robbie van Veen take you on this quest, based on God’s Word and their own experiences (such as a burnout). Together on a journey of discovery to the surpassing riches of grace that God has shown you and wants to continue to show you in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:7). For His grace is more than sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9).

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Growing in royal thinking

Twelve years ago, God opened our eyes to the scope of His Kingdom and the glory of His rule. This voyage of discovery resulted in the first book ‘Live Royally’ by Martin Koornstra. Ever since our thinking has not stood still. Over the years, God has opened our eyes even more to the beauty and impact of His Kingdom. It was about high time for a new book about the Kingdom of God, now called: ‘Growing in Royal Thinking’. Based on this book, Martin takes you on a journey of discovery in 3 lessons.

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Growing in royal leadership

Leadership is influence. How does that influence grow in a healthy way and how do you use that influence in the right way so that others can achieve their full potential? We call it Royal leadership! We want to give you an introduction to leadership in 3 lessons and give you a taste of the dynamics and growth of our School for Leaders and School for Young Leaders.

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Growing in a life of worship

Matt Redman, a well-known worship leader, wrote the song “Heart of Worship.” I give you more than a song , is one of the sentences from this song. In this growth course we want to inspire you and show you what that “more” means. How can you live a life of worship because God is not looking for worship in itself, but real worshipers who, together with Him, share His love and bring restoration.

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Growing in Prophecy

In this growth course we will take you on our adventures in which we have clearly experienced God’s guidance and direction. We will teach you about how God speaks, and we will practice together in hearing the voice of the shepherd. We are going to teach you to listen with the ears of a sheep, and teach your mouth to speak on behalf of God.

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Growing in complete surrender

We regularly sing lyrics such as ‘Everything is for You and everything is because of You’ or ‘Lord Jesus take my life, I lay it all down for You’. Once we stop singing, it turns out to be more difficult to live these sentences out in our daily lives than we do them singing. However, Jesus does desire that we surrender completely, whatever the cost, without limits. Through this growth course we hope that you will again, or even more, be impressed by God and what He has done for you. We hope that you want to and will (again),  live a life of complete surrender.

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Growing in winning for the King

Do you ever have a hard time? Do you sometimes struggle with huge problems? We want to help you with seven royal lessons that you can learn from the famous battle between David and Goliath. You can defeat your giants. The content of this book frees readers from fears, addictions and rejection. The online course is here again!

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Growing in Miracles of Healing

Jesus stated in his last words that miracles of healing are a characteristic of believers. “Those who have believed will be recognized by these signs: … and they will heal the sick by laying their hands on them.” (Mark 16:17-18). It is an exciting, challenging promise but also a confrontational one. We want to help you grow in this, without ignoring the suffering nor the miracles who sometimes do not not happen.

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