Closing party for volunteers

As a Royal Mission team, we look back on a strange school year, in which many things went differently. Also for you as a loyal volunteer. Yet we are extremely blessed and we do not want to forget you as a volunteer. We are grateful for your efforts or support for this wonderful ministry that we carry together. Thanking, celebrating and meeting On Saturday, July 3, we would like to honor and personally thank you for who you are and what you do for Royal Mission. This afternoon we welcome you and your family to our grounds. There will be music, singing, food, drinks, games and fun for the whole family. Time to meet and catch up. Thanking and dreaming This day we want to thank God for the enormous harvest in the past year. It is so special what God has done at this time, so we celebrate a harvest festival. At the same time, we want to share our dreams and plans for the year ahead. God has already shown us so much that we are eager to share with you what heaven has prepared for us as the Royal Family and for the church of the Netherlands and beyond. Friends and vision On this day we also want to give a book as a gift to our ‘friends’ who have not yet received a free book this year due to corona. We are so happy with our Royal Mission friends in ministry and the support they give us that we would like to appreciate you. We sow together, then we also want to reap together. To register You can register for the closing party from 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM via the button below. As soon as you register, we will send you the information you need to attend on Saturday, July 3. Welcome!

Register Closing party 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM


  • Inspiratie

    Wij bieden inspiratie aan iedereen die werk wil maken van discipelschap en de herleving van de kerk.

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  • Onderwijs

    Wil je meer? We bieden vernieuwend onderwijs. Zowel Parttime als Fulltime en voor alle doelgroepen.

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  • Kerkontwikkeling


    We helpen lokale kerkleiders hun eigen kerk verder te ontwikkelen tot een Koninklijke kerk

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  • vrienden


    Word vriend(in) en bouw met ons mee aan een koninklijke beweging en de herleving van de kerk

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  • Webshop


    Boeken, cd's of kinderwerkmateriaal? Deze producten helpen je om te groeien in je geloof en uit te delen aan anderen

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  • Getuigenis


    Getuigenissen van wat God op wonderlijke wijze doet in ons land en hoe Hij bouwt aan zijn Koninklijke kerk.

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