Church Revival School

Our dream for years, has been ‘revival of the church’ and now the time finally has come:  we are starting the School for Church Revival!

What does this school stand for?

This school is a 1-year part-time class in Veenendaal for leaders of existing churches and planters of new churches, who are willing to move outside the framework of the old churchmodel to move along with what God wants to do with His church at this particular time. Together we will embark on an inspiring and exciting journey, in which the practical effects of God’s kingdom and His church are central and we will specifically work on leadership and discipleship.


We dream of a revival of the church, an ecclesia that is captivated by the message of the kingdom and who is alive through the impact of that royal mission. A church that moves, lives and empowers in every part of society. As Royal Mission we are in a new season of favor and confidence to equip and empower the Royal Church and we feel God’s invitation to engage in this.


What makes the School for Church Revival unique?

  • A source of love for the church and faith for its future
  • A place of hopeful stories despite great challenges
  • An atmosphere of revelation about God’s kingdom
  • A renewal of thinking around the beauty of the church
  • A breeding ground of healthy leadership and powerful teams
  • A dynamic of discipleship and multiplication
  • A team of powerful teachers, supervisors and trainers
  • A culture of worship and a flow of prophetic words

The school year consists of:

  • 6 teaching days (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • 3 short weekends (Friday 9:30 AM – Saturday 5:00 PM)

Every day there are moments of worship, devotion, peace and reflection. On the fridaynights during the weekends, experienced (church) leaders and reformers take you through their life stories and journeys of discovery, in a relaxed College Tour-like setting, with plenty of room for Q&A and conversation.

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  • Inspiratie

    Wij bieden inspiratie aan iedereen die werk wil maken van discipelschap en de herleving van de kerk.

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  • Onderwijs

    Wil je meer? We bieden vernieuwend onderwijs. Zowel Parttime als Fulltime en voor alle doelgroepen.

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  • Kerkontwikkeling


    We helpen lokale kerkleiders hun eigen kerk verder te ontwikkelen tot een Koninklijke kerk

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  • vrienden


    Word vriend(in) en bouw met ons mee aan een koninklijke beweging en de herleving van de kerk

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  • Webshop


    Boeken, cd's of kinderwerkmateriaal? Deze producten helpen je om te groeien in je geloof en uit te delen aan anderen

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  • Getuigenis


    Getuigenissen van wat God op wonderlijke wijze doet in ons land en hoe Hij bouwt aan zijn Koninklijke kerk.

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