Children’s work training

Every child and every church deserves powerful children’s work!

Children are important everywhere and deserve the best from us! Children’s work in church, community or clubs involves much more than looking after children and keeping them entertained. We want to teach children valuable lessons and processes in a structured and skillful way that they need in their life with and for God. This requires trained and motivated child workers!

You can choose from the following options:

  • Personal coaching for you as a child worker by Karin Koornstra in Veenendaal – REQUEST
  • Group coaching for your children’s work team by Karin Koornstra in Veenendaal – REQUEST
  • Participating in the children’s work training – READ BELOW


Karin Koornstra is a very experienced children’s worker and coach. She has led teams in small churches and very large churches and in different countries and cultures. She has also written several well-known children’s songs such as ‘God has a plan for your life’. She made 4 children’s CDs, led children’s choirs, set up children’s camps, wrote children’s programs and set up Mega-Kids at De Betteld campsite. Karin is the author of the extraordinary book ‘ Contagious Children’s Work in Your Church ‘, which is seen as a standard work for children’s work in the church.


The children’s work training

On September 26, 2024 we will start again with the Children’s work training as blended-learning training, a combination of e-learning, digital or live meetings with your learning team and two central live meetings in Veenendaal (during the day). Education is offered from a digital learning platform, so that you as a participant are more flexible in terms of planning. The education is with a clear vision, stimulating and practical in combination with many exercises and practical assignments. You will be challenged to share and exchange new lessons, discoveries and experiences in learning teams. You don’t grow alone!

Live moments At two moments during this children’s work training we will work live together in Veenendaal.

We take time to:

  • Go through assignments from the e-learning together.
  • Receive personal 1 on 1 coaching by skilled coaches and teachers.
  • Answer your questions in a Q & A.
  • Work out additional practical exercises together.
  • Take time for peer consultation, prayer and encouragement.

Advantages of blended learning:

  • the power of online and live education are combined,
  • the travel time for participants is much less,
  • you mainly choose when you study,
  • you can repeat the online education several times,
  • participants from all over the Netherlands and beyond can participate.

We want to help children’s workers in their personal growthskills and develop and coach them in building a strong children’s ministry . We hope that there will be several participants per church, so that there can be mutual consultation. And that what has been learned has more impact in your church. It is a unique opportunity to follow this training together with your fellow child worker(s).


You can register from January 2024


  • Inspiratie

    Wij bieden inspiratie aan iedereen die werk wil maken van discipelschap en de herleving van de kerk.

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  • Onderwijs

    Wil je meer? We bieden vernieuwend onderwijs. Zowel Parttime als Fulltime en voor alle doelgroepen.

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  • Kerkontwikkeling


    We helpen lokale kerkleiders hun eigen kerk verder te ontwikkelen tot een Koninklijke kerk

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  • vrienden


    Word vriend(in) en bouw met ons mee aan een koninklijke beweging en de herleving van de kerk

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  • Webshop


    Boeken, cd's of kinderwerkmateriaal? Deze producten helpen je om te groeien in je geloof en uit te delen aan anderen

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  • Getuigenis


    Getuigenissen van wat God op wonderlijke wijze doet in ons land en hoe Hij bouwt aan zijn Koninklijke kerk.

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