A wonderful journey

by Martin Koornstra

While brushing my teeth I hear God’s voice

In December 2017 I was in Afghanistan. Early one morning, my traveling companion and I had an extensive conversation about the work of the Lord and how God guides us through setbacks and victories. I talk about the miracles of healing that I have increasingly witnessed and been used for in recent years. He in turn tells me about God’s supernatural provision of financial resources for his NGO. We conclude our conversation with a fervent prayer of thanks to God and bless each other with the desire that we may experience even more great things with God in our lives. When I then go to brush my teeth, God speaks to me: ‘ In October 2018 I will give you a building, if you have the courage to ask the people I appoint to you ‘. Excited and confused at the same time, I hold the words to myself, knowing deep down that a new adventure is coming…

One of the most intense periods in my life

Although I am extremely excited about what God has promised me, in the months that follow I have no idea what to do with this promise and assignment from God. The spring of 2018 is intense with many intense moments, such as the commotion surrounding ‘The half healing in Urk’ (read more here ). And a serious car accident, which, thank God, my daughter and I survived. Looking back, I experience it as a literal attack on my life by the evil one. Moreover, during that period our organization also faced some significant internal challenges. Partly for this reason, the words from Afghanistan shift into the background. I just don’t have the space in my head for it.

God miraculously brings restoration

I don’t have the time and certainly no energy to think about it, let alone work on it. I am going into the summer holidays at the beginning of August very tired. I am mentally affected, exhausted by all the events and feel vulnerable and sad. I just needed time last summer to relax and process everything. During this holiday, God touches me in a special way. One morning suddenly all the tiredness is gone and my heart is whole again. All the energy and dreams for the future are miraculously back and God immediately reminds me clearly of His promise from December 2017. Karin and I immediately realize that there is still only 2 months to go… But fortunately we know that it is never too late for God.

What can you ask if you don’t know what it looks like?

From that time on, God suddenly starts to point out names and people that I should go to to ask for large sums of money for ‘a building’ in Veenendaal. I find it very difficult to go and just ask this. What should I say if there is no plan and no place yet? I think there must first be a suitable building in the picture, otherwise I cannot explain to these people what exactly they would donate to. That is why I decide, in consultation with Karin, to start a search for a suitable location for Royal Mission in Veenendaal. I cycle through the village and the industrial estate hoping to see a sign. In vain. Yet the conviction is growing within us that a building must and will be built as a training place for the church in the Netherlands.

‘Out of our range’

In our search, we take people from the Growth Team along on the adventure. In this way the desire grows, they pray along and become involved in what God wants to do. Because we have not yet found a location, we are searching online for available options via Funda Business. On Wednesday, October 3, a small delegation will view the first company building. Unfortunately, this property is not suitable, but we are offered a few other options through the real estate agent in question. On Thursday, October 11, we can take a look at 3 vacant companies. Would he be among them?

Too beautiful, too big, too expensive

The first two appear to be unsuitable. One building does not exude the atmosphere that suits Royal Mission and is not suitable for education, training or conferences. The other building needs so much renovation that it is not realistic to start and there are simply not enough parking spaces. When we visit the third building, our hearts immediately soar because it is already a training center: the GOC (Graphic Training Center) at De Schutterij 10. What an amazing building! After the viewing we leave this building upset: It is too big, too beautiful and too expensive… but this is it! Faith and ‘knowledge’ bubbling within us that this is the building. The price is completely ‘out of our range’ at € 1.4 million (+ costs), but we believe that this is where the faith adventure begins. An adventure with a fantastic God who always provides.

How do you boldly ask someone you don’t know for money?

Our journey continues on October 15. Now I can visit various entrepreneurs with a candid question and there is now a building. It would take too long to describe it all, but God opens doors in a special way every time. He always appears to be the Director of the various encounters. In 2 weeks, several miracles happen that we have not experienced before in the ministry of Royal Mission. I have never met some entrepreneurs, but they turned out to know us. Others are prepared by God in a special way for my arrival and respond astonishingly to my rather ‘bold’ question: ‘Would you like to donate a huge amount?’

Thankful for the adventure

I am so grateful to God for allowing me to experience this incredible story with Him. Asking someone a large amount of money takes a lot of courage, but the adventure with Him is so worth it. October is now coming to an end. For convenience, I proposed skipping the board meeting at the beginning of September, as we did not expect any major meeting items by then. Somehow the meeting had been left standing in case it was necessary…

The board meeting that was almost canceled

On October 31, during the board meeting, it turned out that 1 million euros had already been given/promised for this special project. God keeps his word! That evening, as a board, we made an offer in faith for De Schutterij 10 and shortly afterwards we took the step to purchase this beautiful building as of April 1, 2019 for € 1.4 million, in trust in God’s promise. The offer is ultimately accepted after another wonderful negotiation process. From April 1, Royal Mission may start using this exceptionally beautiful building to continue building the renewal of the church in the Netherlands. God is so good!

The power of together

A number of entrepreneurs have done their part, stepped in and said in faith: ‘We support this!’ Many donors, Royal Mission friends and supporters followed suit. This made it possible to move into and renovate this beautiful building. The total sum has been collected for the purchase and furnishing. God has done what He promised us. Watch the story on film below:

Will you help us build?

A few years have now passed and we can move on to the next step: a new hall! Once again we can invite people who believe in what God is doing in the Netherlands and have confidence in the work of Royal Mission to say: ‘I sow in that! I invest in the dream of a revival in the church!’ My question to you is, are you getting in?

Thank you in advance on behalf of the entire Royal Mission Team, Martin Koornstra


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