A new hall

We have expanded our building! It is a privilege to be part of this special adventure, of which God is the Initiator and Director. We especially want to share with you the heavenly direction in the plan. But first let Martin Koornstra tell us how we got our building and how God planted the seed for this new step.
Thus the journey began
In December 2017, during a mission trip to Afghanistan, God suddenly spoke the words: ‘In October 2018 I will give you a building if you ask the people I will appoint to you’ . It will be a rollercoaster of new experiences and unimaginable miracles from God. Here you can read the account of this wonderful journey, in which God fulfilled His promise to us.
God gives a building
In April 2019 we will become permanent owners of De Schutterij 10 in Veenendaal. A beautiful training center as a beacon of hope and for building up the church in the Netherlands. Especially in these corona times, we are so blessed that we can set up 2 studios and additional classrooms here and use more office space.
From the first weeks after the purchase, there is a desire to build a hall on our site. The largest space we have now can accommodate up to 45 students. We would like to train larger groups and offer small conferences.
God gives even more vision
Immediately after the purchase, we will employ a number of people with construction experience to see how we can convert the narrow, right-hand section into a hall with approximately 250 seats. There is no high-quality hall of that size in Veenendaal and that is why the vision for this is immediately embraced.
Yet we do not feel a ‘yes’ from heaven. The building is more than big enough for our team and everything we are doing. Why expand when we have more than enough space? That is why possible plans are put on hold and saved for the moment when God will give a ‘yes’.
When God?
In October 2020 I asked the board of Royal Mission when we were going to do something with ‘a new hall’. They want heavenly confirmation first. I decide to fast for 20 days. A time of more intensive prayer for God’s guidance regarding the construction of a new hall. It is 3 weeks of intense contact with God, but no experience, angel or donkey that confirms the construction plan.
And then suddenly…
A few weeks later, Kees, a regular volunteer, comes to me. He had a dream about Karin and me. “I have no idea what it means, but I have to tell you,” he says. In the dream I entered your house. Karin and you received me. Immediately I noticed that there was a baby in a playpen and so I asked:“Do you have a baby?” ‘Yes,’ Karin said without any hesitation. The baby seemed very big to me. Too big for the playpen and yet it was still there. Therefore, my next question in the dream was:“How old is the baby?” Karin replied:‘1.5 years old’ .
I start to cry. Kees stops talking. I know what this dream is about: ‘About the new hall’ . That room was born 1.5 years ago, but has always remained ‘in the house’. Now ‘he’ can go outside and everyone can know that he was born. Kees appears to have had the dream 2 weeks earlier. Right on the night after my 20 days of fasting. The excitement among me, Kees, the board and our entire team is enormous. It’s emotional and exciting. God speaks so special and so clearly that we now know for sure that God wants and will give us that new hall. And God actually made it possible!
We’re going on an adventure
God has promised to provide what we need. That is why Martin dares to pray again in January 2021 to make a list of names from whom he wants to ask large amounts of money for this wonderful project. He places an amount of 100,000 euros next to the second name he writes down. The note is on his desk and even before he contacts this man, he sends him a message. “Are you praying that I’ll give you guys a ton?” Surprised and overwhelmed, Martin confirms his question. The next day the first hundred thousand euros for the new hall will be on our account. Since that moment, the number of donations, small and large, has been enormous.
On the way to the opening
God donates small and large amounts to us through many people for this unique construction project. We believe that God will entrust us with everything necessary for the furnishing and operation of the hall. We opened this new hall on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June 2022. It has been an extraordinary adventure to turn this dream into a project and believe together that God will provide everything.
We warmly invite you to continue to sow seeds and become part of the harvest that God will give in and through this new hall.
€ 1.596.608,71 van € 1.800.000
You can make a donation yourself to: Royal Mission Foundation – NL27 INGB0004498297 – stating Nieuwe Zaal


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