Wonders of the Kingdom

This week I am writing a new book. About miracles. It is quite a challenge to write about the power of God in a balanced and at the same time confrontational way. Miracles are characteristics of the breakthrough of God’s Kingdom and are therefore part of the life of a Christian. I would like you to read a little bit. It’s a race against time to finish the book. I would like to present it during the Pentecost conference of Opwekking. During that weekend I was able to lead the healing service for the first time. A few weeks ago, Kees Goedhart handed over that Sunday evening prayer meeting to me after 45 years. I feel honored and privileged. You may rightly wonder whether we should actually focus on miracles. Isn’t it something that we should leave to God and that will happen to us if and when He wants? I realize that this topic always generates a lot of discussion and in some circles we even see the consequences that excesses can have. Talking a lot about miracles or being captivated by miracles regularly leads to tensions and debates. This was also the case in Jesus’ time, but Jesus himself never made a fuss about it because it was part of his lifestyle. Time and again I encounter people who are afraid of miracles and find it extreme if you say that you long to experience them. Some even blindly attribute miracles to the devil’s realm. Of course miracles are impressive and overwhelming, but that is precisely because they demonstrate God’s greatness. An intervention from heaven is always overwhelming, sometimes even frightening. Almost every angel of God who appears in the Bible first says, “Fear not.” And Jesus’ disciples were also often overwhelmed. When Jesus appears to them after his resurrection, they tremble with fear. After the storm has calmed, his disciples look at each other in confusion and say: ‘Who is He?’ And when Jesus comes walking on the water, they are so shocked that they think they are dealing with a ghost. The fact that supernatural interventions scare you at first is no reason to attribute it to the realm of darkness or to turn away from it. And you do not solve the abuse of spiritual gifts by forbidding the use of gifts, but by correcting an unbiblical use of them. That is exactly what Paul does in the first letter to the Corinthians. Miracles are simply miraculous and always impress earthly people like us. They are signposts that direct your attention to God himself. That is always good and absolutely necessary! Miracles are part of God’s nature. It is not so much something He does occasionally, but it is His being. God is wonderful. He doesn’t have to try hard or think deeply about it. As soon as He speaks, something happens. This becomes visible on the first day of creation. He says, “Let there be light,” and boom — there is light. He didn’t turn a dimmer slowly. On the contrary, it was a hit with the first word. While no sun, moon or stars are yet visible, the divine light breaks through the darkness in all its power. God doesn’t need anything other than Himself for a miracle, because that’s who He is. The psalmist calls us to fear God deeply and even to fear Him because of the supernatural power of His words: ‘For He speaks, and it is done,He commands and it is there’ (Psalm 33:9 ESV). God only has to say something and everything starts moving. The miraculous power that is released surpasses every law of nature, because God transcends the ordinary. He is supernatural, phenomenal and amazing. Nothing is more natural to God than the supernatural!

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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