Winter with God

Our neighbors’ garden has beautiful tall trees. Years old tall trees. You can see that many storms have already passed over it. Branches have been sawn off in several places to keep the tree healthy and balanced. A few weeks ago there was another big storm. A tornado had broken off a tree and thrown it into the neighbor’s front yard. Grateful that no one had been harmed, I walked past it. I automatically looked around to see which tree had fallen. It took me a while to discover that it turned out to be just a top of the tree that had broken off. It was barely noticeable, while the garden was full of wood and branches. The damage seemed so extensive, yet nothing seemed to have changed when I looked at the trees.

Winter is just around the corner. A season of contrasts, heat and cold. Cold, bleak outside and hopefully nice snow or even ice skating. Inside, warm, comfortable coziness that we can enjoy together. Winter is a time of reflection for me, what happened this year? What have we experienced? It is also a time of hope, of looking ahead. A new year awaits, I look forward to the new year with great anticipation. Full of expectations because, to be honest, 2017 was a difficult year for us privately. Just before the summer I lost my father, unexpectedly after a serious and short illness. It became winter in my heart. It seemed like everything came to a standstill after this storm. The brokenness of life had swept over us in just a few weeks.

I recognized myself in that tree from the neighbor’s garden, the damage from the loss and loss was so great, but nothing seemed to have changed. It was winter in my heart, winter with God. How do you experience that? How do you go through seasons when it is cold and chilly?

All seasons are present in our relationship with God. How do you go through the cold seasons? Are you looking for Him? You may not be able to find or hear Him. As humans, we are often inclined to withdraw when times are tough. With a heart full of sadness, anger or disappointment, we don’t know what to do, let alone let someone else get close. We withdraw from connection, from church, from your group of friends. Suddenly you discover that it is cold and chilly around you and perhaps also inside.

How do you go through seasons when it is cold and chilly? Then you look for warmth inside. You will provide a warm house.

Investing in your time with God is the most important choice. God is waiting for you. He longs for you to come to Him and be warmed. He wants to comfort you. Heal your heart again. Usually He does this through people around you, so don’t hide any longer. Don’t stay alone, find people. Together you are stronger. Friends around us were also going through a difficult time at the same time. Crying together, praying together, these are the things that carry you through the season.

Find the church. Shortly after my father died, I thought I would never be able to sing again. As soon as I started worshiping God, I felt a freeze inside and the tears started flowing. I let them flow. It was precisely in worship, through worship that God healed my heart. He touched me, again and again He comforted. The power of singing together in church is that if I can’t make it, the person next to me just keeps singing. I have been able to rediscover worshiping together as a warm blanket for a broken heart.

Winter with God is a season of wonderful things to discover. God makes himself known as a faithful Father who takes care of you through the storms of life. How do you deal with your winter season?

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