Why connectors should speak in the church

I often wonder what Sunday church services will look like in 2030. Will there still be meetings every Sunday where people are inspired, built up and equipped? Is Sunday still the day? Where do people meet? What will be the core values ​​for the gathering, what forms do we apply, what do we need as Christians?

Internet offers the best education, why go to church?
I was recently talking to a group of friends. We talked about our children, some of whom go to church in different places than we do. Some often go to church and others sometimes no longer go to church at all. They’re all teenagers. Teenagers who all(!) believe wholeheartedly, but seem to find church attendance less important. In a world where you can get the best Biblical education from the internet and do not necessarily need the Sunday service, the church service will change more and more over the next 10 years. Questions about this process must always be asked and answered. Because we are discovering more and more: Things will go wrong on their own, but they won’t go right on their own.

How does being church work today?
Because youth workers from Royal Mission now help build churches in 16 churches in North Friesland, the question increasingly arises: how does church work today? What hopeful steps are needed to get the church out of an often downward spiral? With a team of 6 experienced youth work coaches and community builders, we meet monthly for an afternoon to think about the above matters and make guidance plans for youth workers. Because it is quite nice to deploy so many youth workers, but then there must also be hopeful processes that lead to a point on the horizon. The dot of a radiant church that bustles with life. Facilitating good youth work is nice, but if it leads to today’s teenagers still leaving the church as believers in 10 years’ time, then something has gone wrong.

Connection with each other and with God is the key
To stimulate a change process, you must first define a thriving church. I believe that a thriving church is an attractive faith community that consists of people who love Jesus, get to know Him better and want to follow Him in daily life. These people are recognizable by their mutual love. (Acts 2:47 and John 13:35). I believe that connecting with each other and with God is the quality that will become important in our gatherings in the coming years of growth. However, it is a gift to make people feel seen, that they feel at home, that there is a connection. That is a talent that some people have, but also many do not.

A connector in the pulpit
These ‘connectors’ are needed at the front of the church. They must speak. They must take people along through inspiring and relaxed communication, in which relationships with each other come first. If the elder/elder on duty makes the announcements in the church and says a prayer but is not a ‘connector’, a distant, uncomfortable atmosphere is created. In addition, not every pastor/song leader is a connector. Here lies a challenge. This says nothing at all about these people, their heart and commitment. In fact, it is often above average. They put their shoulders behind the church, they want to contribute and take responsibility. However, the task that often comes with this is, for example, regularly serving an elder. Most of these elders hate standing at the front of the church and saying something.

Church service 2.0
I advocate that in every church service, traditional and evangelical, Baptist and Reformed, connectors are given the task of speaking at the front of the room. They ensure that people are seen, that they feel at home, that there is laughter, that more relationships are created. In the coming period I will be writing a booklet about church service 2.0. There are great opportunities and possibilities for Christians to come together in an attractive, connecting, constructive way. Are you participating?

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