When I grow up!

How many children say: When I grow up I will be a police officer or a garbage collector, a football player or a singer. I shouted it too. When I grow up I will work with children, I told my mother after the first day of kindergarten. That seemed interesting and fun to me. All those tables and the play corners, the craft materials and especially the structure. That was really something for me, I thought as a 4 year old. Telling stories and singing with the children, keeping order and playing outside, I felt like a fish in water. My maiden name is also called Baars. From a very young age, God put a desire in my heart to work with and lead children. As an 11-year-old girl, I went every week to a children’s club in the neighborhood where the Bible was told in a beautiful way. The gospel became more and more alive to me and I wanted so badly to follow Jesus. I brought my guitar and accompanied the songs we sang. Oh how important and loved I felt. There I was, as an 11-year-old girl, sitting in the front row singing along loudly and playing the guitar. If anyone has had a lot of influence in my life, it is the children’s workers who ran the children’s club. They were interested in me and were there for me, preparing to tell stories and bake cakes. They invested their spare time in my life! I soon saw the need around me to tell children about Jesus. What I had received, everyone had to receive. Many children lived in our street and we had a large garage, so I rounded up all the children and invited them to our garage, between the cupboards with tools, the mower and all the paint supplies. And there I had a children’s club with all kinds of children from the neighborhood. Led by a child gripped by the love of Jesus! I didn’t have many materials, but I did have my guitar and some songs I knew from the children’s club. A children’s Bible with beautiful pictures, games to play and of course candy and chips. That’s all I needed. It can be that simple. If a child can lead a simple club, the more we as adults can be of great importance to children. Sometimes it’s just a matter of opening your house or organizing a craft afternoon or making cupcakes with the children and telling them about the love of Jesus. Or sing songs with your guitar or piano. Children love fun and relationships, they look for examples and long for attention. And then many years later I live in Holsbeek, Belgium and we lead a small congregation in a room next to our house with 40 adults and 5 children. What are you doing then? Exactly, my hands started to itch, my heart became restless because there was nothing for the children! I started a kids club in our living room! How nice is that. Cozy at your home, all the kids get hot chocolate with whipped cream, act out the story together and show Jesus. And you know, everyone has to deal with children, no matter where you live. Whether you have a family or not, whether you are married or not, whether you are old or young, whether you study or work. Everyone has to deal with children. And the gospel is for all of us, especially for the children. In childhood the foundations are laid for a life with God. Proverbs 22:6 says: Teach a child the right way from his youth, and he will not depart from it when he is old. Will you join us in telling the children about the love of God? Children are so much fun, so receptive and enthusiastic. Find them and ask them ‘when you grow up, what do you want to be? This is what brought me a passion for children, a passion for good children’s work. And that is why we are starting a wonderful new Children’s Work training in September. Maybe something for you! Here read more about it.

About Karin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Martin en moeder van 2 geweldige dochters Ingeborg en Lieselot. Leerkracht, coach, leider en dirigent.Gepassioneerd voor goed kinderwerk in elke kerk!

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