What time are we living in?

Our country has changed completely since mid-March. Not only our country, but the entire world is affected by corona. The impact is felt on a large scale and at the same time poignantly invisible behind the front doors of so many homes and homes. National measures limit our way of life, but the real blows are felt by families. Illness takes its toll and the extra pressure brings out underlying tensions.

Reading this first paragraph may make you despondent. The daily news robs you of almost any hope. What a time full of losses. Yet there is also another story to tell. Miraculous breakthroughs are taking place right through the tears and under the blanket of fear. People come to their senses and start praying again. The peace for real conversations arises and suddenly there is time for spiritual deepening. What time are we actually living in? How should we interpret this contradiction?

Not everything
Before I try to answer that question, I will first go to this text: ‘God has given everything there is its right place in time, and he has also given man insight into time. Yet man cannot fathom the work of God from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God gives us insight into time, but not into the total picture of the times. That’s up to Him. That is why I will never interpret the current crisis as the end times or the announcement of the Second Coming. That is up to God Himself!

Yet God can give us understanding through His Spirit about what is going on so that we can make the right choices now. Just like in David’s time. Part of his army came from the tribe of Issachar, “where they sensed the signs of the times and understood the course Israel would choose” (1 Chronicles 12:33). God’s Spirit wants to guide us, so we may ask ourselves these questions: What do we sense? What direction should we go in, so that we move along with what God wants to do in this time?

3 words
I would first like to explain to you 3 Greek words that are used for time in the New Testament, so that we can properly interpret this phase:

  • Chronos represents continuous time or a fixed moment on our clock or calendar.
  • Aion is used to indicate a period or dispensation of time, as the Bible speaks of‘the world to come’ .
  • Kairos always designates a special occasion or unique season, as we say‘we had a good time together’ .

My concern now is the latter. Kairos is a moment or phase in which, through the favor of God, you learn faster, make greater progress or bear extra fruit. The condition is that you dare to embrace that phase, because it always arises in a time of difficulty, struggle and loss.

Just started
Since mid-March, out of a kind of holy displeasure, we have simply started daily livestreams. Without any prior knowledge. Because meetings and Wonderful Sundays were no longer possible, the drive arose to see what was possible. God pushed us into something new. It was hilarious to see how amateurish it was. Filming and streaming for 45 minutes with three separate mobile phones in hand. This results in vibrating images and rotating pictures. We were sent photos of people lying on the couch looking at the half-rotated image. Completely unprofessional, but still so spot on!

Tidal wave
Meanwhile, we are 45 episodes and thousands of responses, prayer requests and testimonies further. In recent weeks, more than 2,000 students have participated in our first Online Growth Courses and more than 1,500 registrations have already been received for the new Online Growth Courses in 3 days. Never before have we reached so many people, seen such enormous growth in our team and work and experienced so much fruit. Should this time mainly be interpreted as kairos ? This seems like the beginning of the tidal wave we’ve been talking about for almost a year. With God’s help we embrace what is and see what is possible!

Like in the Bible
The Bible is full of such painful times coupled with unique breakthroughs. The destroyed wall surrounding Jerusalem could not protect the inhabitants for hundreds of years and Nehemiah rebuilt it in 52 days. In a lawless society, a scroll was found and King Josiah initiated a complete reformation. Followers of Jesus were scared, sad and heavily outnumbered until the Holy Spirit pushed them into the streets and 5,000 people were added. Wouldn’t God want to add people en masse again in these sad and exciting times, give enormous growth power and start a new reformation?

Last week we had a brainstorming day with our MT and our education team. With input from educational experts and e-learning companies, we prayed, discussed and dreamed. Not from the question: ‘How do we deal with corona?’ but from the desire: ‘How do we respond to God’s opportunities?’

Are you participating?
More than ever, we realize that we are not a teaching club, but a discipleship movement. We dream more strongly than ever of a spiritual revival in our country. And yet we remain amateurs, just getting started. Like Nehemiah, we have no experience with building a wall, but we feel that we can and must do it. We still have so much to discover and develop, but we believe it is a kairos time. Despite the losses, we believe in the God of breakthrough. Will you join us?

If you are interested in our online Growth Courses, you can read about it HERE .

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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