What the conference taught me

Last weekend we organized a conference for the first time from Royal Mission. It was a great experience, where we met many acquaintances from the Royal Mission network. It was like a reunion at times. There were four speakers during the weekend, with different styles. The styles actually represented four different ministries. Martin Koornstra as an apostle type with beautiful reflections on what God is doing in our country. Astrid Feddes as a shepherd type who, with a moved heart, tried to help people discover their destiny. The undersigned as a teacher-type with a message based on the explanation of a Bible passage. Zoran Spasovski as a prophet type with very special stories.

I must say that I have not often come across more eccentric people than Zoran. When he speaks, he is inimitable in relating experiences. Moreover, he quotes one Bible text after another at random, stating exactly where it can be found in the Bible and he prophesies on command with incredible accuracy.

A special prophecy
He also had a beautiful word for me. One of the most important themes in my teaching and speaking is ‘friendship with God’. I sometimes ask myself why it is such an important theme to me. This is what the first part of Zoran’s prophetic word was to me:

“You are a very good friend. People see you like that. I see Jesus and He says, “I have a friendship with Martin.” Nothing can disturb this friendship. The more time you spend with Jesus and the more you get to know Him, the more friends you will make. More people will see you as a friend. I see this Bible verse for your life: “But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)””

I realized that the search for friendship is important to me anyway. Sometimes disappointed in friendship and at other times welcomed beautiful new friendships. My heart is sensitive to rejection and so vulnerable that I sometimes find friendship exciting. You may therefore understand that this word touched me. Suddenly I understood why the Lord Jesus prominently features the subject of ‘friendship’ in my teaching and preaching. Apparently He wants to connect with my desire for true friendship, because He is the One who desires friendship with me and with His children even more.

My thinking stretched
It was quite a change in my mind when I heard Zoran’s stories. In my ministry I am working to translate a Bible passage to an audience. That is a spiritual and rational process. Zoran speaks as a prophet. This means that he is busy translating what he observes in the spiritual world to an audience. They are therefore sometimes very visual and special stories. A few examples of what Zoran has experienced:

  • Getting information from a book by putting your hand on it.
  • Being teleported to another place.
  • Being taken in the Spirit to a special spectacle.
  • Seeing and describing special angels.

Sometimes it made me frown and I know many Christians have trouble hearing stories like this. It is soon referred to the realm of fables or even to the realm of darkness. However, we are sometimes very selective in what we consider Biblical and what not. The Biblical is what we can understand and what we do not understand, we would rather not have it be Biblical. Then we will have to recognize that God is not only greater in theory than we can imagine, but that it is in thepractice is also true. This means that we must relate to this and expand our understanding of the spiritual world. That’s what it finally did to me.

Important lesson
Suddenly my eyes are opened again to what the Bible says about the kinds of experiences Zoran talked about.

  • Ezekiel ate a scroll and knew the words of God to speak (Ezekiel 3:1-4).
  • Philip was caught up by the Spirit and was suddenly in Azotus (Acts 8:39-40).
  • Ezekiel is taken in the Spirit to a valley full of bones (Ezekiel 37:1).
  • Isaiah sees special angels with six wings each (Isaiah 6:1-3)

This is an important lesson I learned from the conference. If I am open to it and give myself space in my thinking, God can reveal Himself to me in new ways. Growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus and getting to know myself is sometimes quite exciting. That exciting becomes adventurous when it arises from a close friendship with Jesus. Shall we discover that together?

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