What soil are you sowing in this year?

Recently I met the foreign leader of a global education ministry. The sermons he preaches and the studies they release as an organization have literally reached and influenced hundreds of thousands. It was a privilege to meet this man live and we soon started talking about the growth of their ministry. And that also brought up the topic of finances and his testimony about the construction of a huge new headquarters, which they recently started. God has overwhelmingly provided the necessary funds to complete this multimillion-dollar project debt-free. His story intrigued me and I asked further about principles surrounding money and giving in the kingdom of God. Especially because we as Royal Mission rarely or never make calls for finance via our newsletter or website. We believe that people who are blessed by our activities will also sow in our ministry. Just like the Levites in the Old Testament, who worked in the temple and lived off what the other tribes gave them as sacrifices. God is blessing us enormously and at the same time we are now faced with the biggest financial step of faith we have ever taken. The man I was talking to knew that I pray a lot for miracles and experience healings. He asked me, “Why do you preach about the power of God before praying for healing?” I responded that faith comes by hearing the word (Romans 10:17) and that my preaching is to help people receive a miracle. ‘Beats!’ he said, ‘that is a basic principle in the Kingdom of God.’ It’s the same with finances. If you want people to believe in the principles of the Kingdom of God surrounding money and giving, then you will also have to speak and teach about that. Because this is how faith grows and everyone, your listeners and yourself, will see more financial miracles. I let those words sink in and thought about them deeply. This summer I realized that I trust God (as best I can) for what we need, but I’m actually afraid to talk more about money and giving. Especially because I hate manipulation around collections and forced calls to invest in projects and ministries. Yet this conversation has stirred something in me. I also immediately read the book ‘God’s Economy’ by Michiel Koelewijn. Great book! God challenges me at this stage of my life not to fear Mammon and its influence, but to serve Him for Whom I live and to build on the spiritual laws of His Kingdom. For example, on these words of Jesus: ‘ Give, and it will be given to you; a good measure, pressed firmly, well shaken, and overflowing, will be allotted to you. For the measure you use for others will be used for you also ” (Luke 6:38). Giving or not giving determines much more than you think. I now give even more consciously and even more! Christians are always eager to receive or be blessed or experience renewal. That is a good desire, but the blessing of giving is even greater. Jesus literally says: ‘It is better to give than to receive ‘. So go and give, because you will see the blessing! Where is the best place to sow? In the ‘Levites’ who help you in your growth in faith. That is your home church or church and the ministries through which you are blessed. So the principle is ‘sow in good, fertile soil’, because then you know that your investment will be greatly blessed and ‘he who sows bountifully will be blessed bountifully.” . As I wrote earlier, we are facing the biggest financial challenge in 9 years of Royal Mission: Our own building in Veenendaal. We believe that God has spoken that the time has come. At the same time, I also realize that we will need enormous amounts of money from the hand of God. Apparently the conversation with that foreign leader was directed by God to prepare us for this new adventure. My question to you is: Where are you blessed? What ministry helps you grow? If we play a role in this, will you (more than ever) sow in our work and believe that God will bless you abundantly for it? That is a principle in God’s Kingdom. What soil are you sowing in this year? If you would like to invest in our new building , you can do so viaRoyal Mission Foundation, IBAN: NL27 INGB0004498297 . Please quote ‘Veenendaal Building’. In the near future we will inform you more about this unique project and the steps of faith we are going to take.

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