What a year!

It is a blessing to look back with you on a special and eventful Royal Mission year. Our dream for revival across the breadth of the church has once again fueled us to passionately proclaim the Kingdom of God (EDUCATION) and train others to do the same (INSPIRATION). We want to take you into the challenging adventures and enormous opportunities that God has given us and the fruit we have seen in people and churches.

Education for the Royal Church

The full-time School

After an impressive year of formation, 22 young people were presented with their certificates in June during an atmospheric closing evening. It was the conclusion of a year full of highs and lows. It was a shock when our Dienen coordinator suddenly said goodbye to our school and it was enjoyable to hear parents talk about how their son or daughter has completely changed during the year. So much happens to the students that it is almost impossible to describe.

In September, 23 young people, including 14 boys (!), started their ‘year of the life’. You see them enjoying themselves, sometimes being confronted with challenges and growing enormously.

In addition to this wonderful group, Danielle, a former student, is participating in an internship year focused on youth work and more former students are involved in supporting the school. And then we haven’t even mentioned the coaching team, care team, worship team, practical team… The full-time school is a place full of wonderful volunteers and with enormous fruit.

The students of the full-time school 2018-2019

The Part-time School

Last spring we presented more than 300 participants with their certificates at the various closing evenings after 1 or 2 years of part-time school. In September we started the part-time schools in Drachten and Veenendaal for the fifth year in a row. In addition, a new location has been added in a very special way in Steenbergen. We are committed to a maximum of 1 year of part-time education and have decided to offer the content of year 2 in separate growth courses.

In addition to these locations, we started the church training ‘Royal life’ in Heerhugowaard. For a year we will be traveling with 4 Reformed churches to teach them about the kingdom of God and help them to live according to it. Unique!

Gor Khatchikyan teaches at the part-time school

Children’s work and youth work training

Last year, almost 40 people followed child or youth work training. A wonderful investment in the local church and the new generation. In September, just over 30 students started the new cycle under supervision Karin Koornstra and Gerlof Wiersma. This way we can invest directly in people and indirectly bless hundreds of kids and young people and strengthen churches.

A day of lessons at the youth work training

Growth courses

Last year we started the ‘Growing in Mental Power’ course with an overwhelming response. We have now provided this course four times and 270 participants have followed it.

Since September we have expanded the range and these have become our growth courses. Short training sessions of 3 evenings, in which we directly link theory to practice. From January onwards, topics such as ‘Growing in miracles of healing’, ‘Growing in intimacy with God’, ‘Growing in discipleship’, ‘Growing in Bible use’ and ‘Growing in faith education’ will follow.

Martin Koornstra teaches at Growing in Mind Power

School for Leaders

After years of desire, dreams and preparations, we started our new School for Leaders in September. 50 participants from different places of leadership (church, company, foundation, organization, politics) have joined and we see a beautiful process of learning, discovering, reflecting and growing taking place before our eyes. We look forward to seeing the results at the end of the school year.

Learning and reflecting as a leader

Inspiration for the royal church

Wonderful Sundays

On January 4, 2015 we started with our first Wonderful Sunday in Veenendaal. In the meantime, we have been ‘full of the power of the Spirit’ for 4 years and 40 evenings. Every first Sunday of the month, 500 to 600 people come together for a service in which prophecy, healing, liberation, encouragement or inspiration through God’s power and love are central.

We have received dozens of testimonies of healing from asthma, epilepsy, hernias, insomnia, anxiety, depression… in addition to beautiful stories about recovery in relationships, clear calling, powerful words from God, comfort and renewal. It is a flow of blessing and grace!

Recently there was another Wonderful Sunday for kids where 450 parents and children enjoyed visual education about understanding God’s voice.

We have also been ‘on tour’ with the Wonderlijke Zondagen for 2 years. This year we were in Woerden, Loppersum, Dordrecht, Culemborg, Leeuwarden, Langedijk, Haarlem, Ede, Aalsmeer and Urk. Next year we will be somewhere different every month.

Wonderful Sunday in Veenendaal

Inspiration days

After 9 years we have renamed our monthly training days ‘Inspiration Days’. These are free days in which we challenge and inspire people with topics that are close to the heart of Royal Mission. We gather at the location at 8 a.m. with a team of 20 Royal Mission champions. We build up, take care of the day, clean up everything again and finish as a team in McDonalds. Party and ideal team building! The themes of these days in early 2019 are: Children & Youth Work and the Kingdom of God.

Karin Koornstra teaches about children’s work!


Once again, our Royal Mission speakers have served dozens of times in churches and youth services, at conferences and events. We were welcome at Baptists and the PKN, at Free Gospel Churches and the Assembly of Believers, at the NGK and Pentecostal Churches and many more. Our inclusive vision of the Kingdom of God gives us the space to preach in the diversity of the church.

In addition, we were allowed to participate during Opwekking, Heartbeat, Vrij zijn, Soul Survivor… We received dozens of testimonials from listeners and church leaders about the blessing we were able to bring.

Robbie van veen is one of our speakers

MEGAkids and Royal Adventure

The holiday week that parents of kids and teens stay in the Netherlands for. Around 1,000 children (groups 1-8) were able to enjoy wonderful children’s services and educational activities again during the May holidays and 6 summer weeks at De Betteld. Under the guidance of an experienced team of coaches from Royal Mission, more than 250 volunteers were able to participate and grow in children’s work. Some parents ‘complain’ to us that they can no longer go on holiday to France or Spain because their child really wants to go to MEGAkids. Awesome!

Royal Adventure has been expanded to 2 age groups this summer (11-15 years and 16-19 years). These are fantastic weeks for teenagers and a breeding ground for young leaders. This summer, 1,000 teenagers and leaders enjoyed foam games and inflatable tracks, but also moments of surrender to God and experiences with His power. Many teenagers have (re)dedicated themselves to God at De Betteld this year.

Building cardboard boats during Royal Adventure


The 5th RAW event took place again at De Paasheuvel in Vierhouten. 350 participants and employees camped around the lake and enjoyed a sun-drenched weekend full of parties, craziness, sports, fun, friendship, faith and God’s presence. Everyone who was there will never forget the overwhelming presence of God on Saturday evening. We ended up silently and in awe on the ground in worship before the Most High. Next year we will go to De Paasheuvel again, so put May 30 to June 2, 2019 in your calendar.

Overwhelming moments during RAW 2018

Entrepreneurial journey

4 days on the road in France with 10 entrepreneurs, 2 supervisors and 2 inspirators. For the 6th we went to France with entrepreneurs for an intense time of reflection, stories and inspiration. We cried a lot together and how special it was to end the evenings in the village church. The group of participants were deeply touched, became friends and still meet each other. Next season we will travel again under the leadership of Martin Koornstra and Piet van Walsem.

Enjoy a nice breakfast during your entrepreneurial trip to France

To travel

A team went to Suriname to train child/youth workers, inspire churches and organize a conference. Another team flew to Sweden to teach at the ‘School of the Supernatural’. A wonderful trip full of blessing and encouragement for our contacts in Sweden. Karin and Martin addressed and trained local leaders in France.

The team that went to Sweden


This year Martin Dol published his first book: ‘In search of intimacy with God’. After years of teaching on this subject and taking hundreds of people into the heart of God, here is finally the book. The book was so well received that we had a second edition made within 4 months. We expect to release 2 to 4 books in the coming year.

The beautiful book by Martin Dol

Church development North Friesland

Gerlof Wiersma has had an enormous vision for North Friesland for years. Where he started 5 years ago in the first PKN church in Jistrum, there are now 9 youth workers seconded to 16 churches and the next 2 churches are in line.

In addition, a fund has been set up to help churches with less finances pay for a youth worker. Royal Mission itself has invested € 25,000 in this fund and a number of entrepreneurs are now also getting involved.

There are also several prayer initiatives, monthly Growing in Faith evenings, regional inspiration evenings for children and youth work and the GROW weekend will be added in 2019.

Gerlof expects God’s power in the PKN

We invest in people

Royal Mission is above all a ‘people’s club’. Our focus is on people’s health, growth and faith. Outwardly and also internally. We are extremely blessed and proud of our permanent group of 250 volunteers in the country. What an honor to work together and constructively build God’s Kingdom.

Our volunteer day at the start of the season

We have suffered too

When you read everything like this, it seems like everything went well. That is also the case in many areas, but at the same time we have also been sad. For all the blessing, progress and growth have also suffered. We experienced the departure of Wim Hoddenbagh as a huge loss, and we had to deal with this unexpected turn in our collaboration. Fortunately, we can wholeheartedly say that we have remained friends and have both weathered this storm. The commotion surrounding ‘half the healing in Urk’ has caused a lot of unrest and we have also experienced it as ‘extra pressure’ on the subject and ministry of healing. And recently our office manager in Veenendaal decided to be at home more with her children, which means we have to say goodbye to her. Understandable, but very unfortunate.

There was sometimes a lot of unrest or we had tough conversations. Marriages came under pressure or employees reached their own limits. It has been an intensive year and yet we can end it with the joy of who Jesus is, the enormous fruit of our work and, above all, that God is always good!

An unimaginable new adventure

In December 2017, God in Afghanistan spoke to Martin Koornstra that a new building would be built for Royal Mission in Veenendaal in October 2018. In the meantime, an incredible building has been purchased and the transfer will take place on April 1, 2019.

The financial adventure is a wonderful journey. More than 1 million euros have already been promised or given, which means that ‘only’ 5.5 tons are still needed for the purchase and renovation/redevelopment. We believe that God will provide everything because He promised us that we would receive a property.

A building is just a pile of bricks, money is just a pile of Euros, but what God plans is eternal! Will you pray that God’s plans become clear and that we can build His Kingdom more intensively and effectively together?!

Royal Mission’s new training centre

We want to thank you

As we come to the end of the year, we would like to thank all our friends, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, partners, intercessors and encouragers. You carry us, inspire us, push us forward and help us to continue building on the vision that God gave us: ‘Reformation in the church’. We also look forward to a great collaboration in 2019 and believe that the fruit of our work is also the fruit of your life. THANK YOU!

We look forward to 2019 in which we want to move full speed ahead more than ever in the direction God is pointing us. We will passionately proclaim the Kingdom of God and continue to train others in it. The adventure has actually only just begun. Join us, pray and believe for a reformation in the church in the Netherlands!

Would you like to support us extra for the new ‘Training Center in Veenendaal’ or encourage us with an end-of-year gift?
Help us start strong (financially) in 2019 and transfer your donation to:
Royal Mission Foundation – NL27 INGB0004498297 – stating End of Year Gift

God bless, wonderful holidays and a wonderful 2019
on behalf of the board, staff, teams and volunteers of Royal Mission.

Karin and Martin Koornstra

Board and MT of Royal Mission

About Martin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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