Weekend Lesotho

Last weekend we went to Lesotho for a mission trip with a group from the full gospel ‘Church Alive’.

Completely different landscape than South Africa We left at 5am on Thursday morning. (Or actually half past six: we had forgotten our wallet 🙂 ) At first we drove on decent asphalt roads, but after an hour of driving it turned into sandy paths, later bumpy roads with small stones that later turned into very large rocks. We drove for hours and hours through the increasingly higher and steeper mountains of South Africa and Lesotho. Fortunately we drove 3 good 4x4s that could handle the steep rock mountains well. After a stop at the highest pub in Africa and a snowball fight in the mountains, we arrived at our destination at 4 o’clock in the afternoon after an 11-hour journey. Quite a tough ride if you’ve been locked up in the car for so long, bumping and bouncing. We were allowed to sleep in a house owned by an acquaintance of Pastor Aaron. (pastor from Lesotho) In itself a very neat house. Fortunately, Pastor Francois had brought two stretchers for us to sleep on (we had forgotten those too 🙂 ) because inside there was nothing more than just stone and concrete, cozy! Of course there was no shower and the toilet was at the back of the garden. (Luckily it was there, because from 5 meters away you could still smell it… very nasty)

In the evening we had our first ‘service’ in a classroom. Everyone came to the music and within minutes the room was packed with residents of the village. This evening we danced and sang, we introduced ourselves, we watched a movie and listened to Pastor Aaron. Nice to see that people were so serious and really open to the possibility of having a relationship with God. On the first evening, many people have already made a choice for Jesus! Good start to the weekend!

After a very rough night with little sleep, we hit the road again the next morning. It hovers just above freezing at night and with only concrete and draft holes everywhere, it is very cold! Fortunately, Brian had made us a hot breakfast with sausage and eggs. Because everything here (and in SA) is prepared with a lot of oil and fat, our (empty) stomach had to get used to this. Gerard preaches the Gospel!As ‘real’ missionaries we obviously don’t want to complain, so after breakfast we happily got into the car on the way to the open-air meeting. We held this meeting in two different places. After setting up the sound system and making a lot of noise, many people soon showed up again. Just like the night before (and the day after), we sang, preached a sermon, gave testimonies and prayed for the people. We also held another service in the classroom on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Beautiful evenings!

Sunday morning at 6 we left for the warm south, already looking forward to a shower, a nice bed and healthy food. (South Africans only fill themselves with meat) It was a beautiful weekend. It is special to be in this country, which is so different from South Africa. Happy and grateful that many people have made a choice for Jesus and nice to get to know the church group better. Because Pastor Aaron had made the planning and was the only one who could speak Sotho, we sometimes felt passive. It’s hard to serve people when you can hardly speak to each other. This sometimes felt a bit pointless, but we gained a lot of impressions and also learned a lot.

Children in Lesotho

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