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We have previously told you in our newsletter about used machines that we had found. This looked interesting. The machines meet our requirements and have hardly been used in the 11 years that they are old…

Monday was the day. I (Gerard) would go to Romania together with someone from the Dutch manufacturer of the machines who are now buying them back and one of our investors to view the machines. Because it still costs something to fly to Romania and, apart from the technical matters, this was not a very interesting trip, Baukje decided to stay at home.

After several hours of traveling and an overnight stay, we arrived at the machines. We completed the last part of the journey in the new BMW 740D of the Romanian owner. What a thing… It was already waiting for us on the sidewalk and the door was even held open for me by a tall Romanian in a suit. It reminded me a bit of those action films where a few foreigners come to make a deal in Eastern Europe. Unlike us, often with wrong intentions. They then drive shooting through the streets of a beautiful old city and then flee the country again. Although the man who was otherwise very nice drove as if he also owned the local police, fortunately the shooting did not stop. The rest of the picture was pretty good…

BMW from the Romanian machine owner

BMW of the Romanian machine owner, now neatly parked

And indeed, the machines still looked very good. Well-cared for and complete. However, we discovered that some adjustments still need to be made for the products we are going to make and there are still some points to discuss. Unfortunately, the machines could not be tested because they had already been disconnected. On Tuesday, Baukje and I will therefore take a look at a company in Rotterdam. There they produce bami containers on exactly such a machine.

Inspection of the machines

Inspection of the machines

If this also looks good, it is time to negotiate the final terms and conditions. The broad outlines have been discussed, but now the details still have to be discussed and of course we have to look at who has to pay for these details… So where possible we try to save some on the costs that have to be incurred to keep these machines in perfect condition in Ethiopia to install.

A nice opportunity for savings arose during our flight. The boy sitting next to me asked if I was Dutch too. We had a nice conversation about our different reasons for visiting Romania. He told me about an acquaintance who brought a lot of things to Romania from his foundation to help the poorer people in the countryside there. They now did this with their own truck. Interesting! Because that truck also has to go back… There is no such thing as a coincidence, but there is a blessing!

It turned out that this acquaintance lived 15 minutes from where my car was parked. All in all, the bottom line is that if we buy these machines, they are probably going to transport them. This means that the money we pay for this goes to a wonderful foundation. And it means a nice saving for us! And I’m sure we’ll find better use for that money…

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