Ultimate survivor lesson with Jay

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Tunnel projects

On Thursday we had our first real ‘working day’. We visited various greenhouses together with Sally and Maxwell (both work for Charibiz) to collect the harvest. Several tunnel owners knew that we were coming by, so they had already washed and bundled their harvest, so that we could immediately go to the supermarket to sell the vegetables. We spent the whole day crossing various tunnels. Back and forth through the rural area of ​​Malageni. Some people have often seen us driving past: What do you mean, “The Dutch are efficient?” We had a good day and have already learned a lot. We got a good idea of ​​how everything works, where things are running well and where processes can still be improved. We expect that we will be able to add a lot in terms of efficiency and administration in the coming month.

Soup kitchen and prison

We will spend most of our time on the tunnel project. In addition to this project, we will also help in the soup kitchen once a week for the next three months. There is also a service in the prison once every two months. We went here on Saturday morning. The security was remarkable. Gerard was quickly searched by someone and I had to go behind a curtain and was checked in every possible place with a handheld scanner. Well, who knows what’s under my updo hair ultimate-survivor-with-jay . Once we arrived, we immediately started installing the speakers, etc. The service was held in the courtyard. There were literally hundreds of prisoners walking around the courtyard dressed in orange suits. Really bizarre to see; What would they have done? The service was impressive! There were many men sitting and standing, listening with fascination. Many men have come to faith in prison earlier (and also on Saturday). You could often tell from these men that they had become different from the others. God is working with them and they are now largely using the time they are still in prison to delve into the Bible. In addition to this bimonthly service, a Bible study is also held once every two weeks and a pastor visits every week for personal conversations. Some of the prisoners are close to being released. We really hope that they will stay on the right path soon. Seeing these people, who often came here after something went wrong somewhere in their lives, meant something to us. We really felt compassion for these people, maybe we should do something with this later…

On adventure with Jay

On Sunday morning we first went to church with the entire Dutch group. The 6 ‘project’ girls have said goodbye, because they are leaving this week. In addition to their farewell, we were welcomed for the next three months. We were unexpectedly given the microphone to present ourselves. We were surprised by this and therefore kept it short… After the service we went to a dam (somewhere in the bush) with Jay, Roshjna and the kids. Here we went fishing and eating. Jay and Roshjna are Indians so they had prepared real Indian food… really delicious! Nice and spicy… We like that. (Sorry, the potatoes are still not missed). The meat, by the way, was a deer that Jay had shot because it was eating the vegetables on his small farm… but tasty! In the meantime, Gerard had already caught two big fish.


We were then taught by Jay how to prepare this. This piece was quite distasteful, but very educational, of course you never know where we will come next! After the fish had hung over the fire for ten minutes, we were able to eat the fish. Very tasty (really!) and fun to experience! We hope to go crocodile hunting with Jay next time.

Well, this was a very long story for once. Tomorrow we will visit all the tunnels, so it will be a long day. Today we can’t do much because it is a national holiday: Women’s Day. I’m curious!

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