The most beautiful spot

On the road together As a child, the summer holidays were the highlight of the year for me. Spending a holiday in France with my parents, my big sister and my brothers. The whole adventure started on Friday afternoon at 3:15 PM. The school bell rang. I ran home, dropped my school bag from my shoulders and positioned myself in a small remaining corner of the car. Ready to go! The start of the long journey was always pleasant and we were excited, but after a few hours the usual irritations arose in the back seat. But once we almost arrived at our final destination, the atmosphere improved. We were looking forward to it!Carefree It was wonderful to be on the road together as a family. My father behind the wheel, the rest of the family alternating next to him in the front of the car. As wonderful as it was your moment. Sitting next to daddy, the most beautiful spot there is. Have a good view forward and have a nice chat with him about anything and everything. And what’s more, you don’t have to worry about the teasing in the back of the car. During the trip I never worried whether we would arrive safely. I also didn’t worry about whether there would be enough fuel in the tank or whether we had brought the right stuff for the holiday. I enjoyed traveling, fantasized about the destination and sat next to my father with an open mind. Enjoying being together!“You show me the way to life: abundant joy in your presence, forever a lovely place at your side.”Psalm 16:11 Sometime in the last few days I thought about this Bible passage. David writes that it is God the Father who shows the way to life. It is God who knows your destination and is close to you along the way. He has plans ready for you and will take you to new places. As I read the verse again, I see myself again sitting next to my dad in the car and I feel the question arise in me…”Are you still sitting next to me, open-minded? Do you still trust me and believe that the path I am taking with you is the right one?” In life, the road we take is often bumpy and full of obstacles. We often don’t even have a good view of what lies ahead and we get distracted by everything around us. In moments of difficulty and worry, we tend to want to take control ourselves. As if we want to get behind the wheel of our lives. All kinds of questions then arise (”Am I going to make it? Can I handle this? Which exit should I take? What’s the fastest way to get to my destination? What if..? How do I prevent that…?)” We mainly look for what we can do ourselves and very quickly forget that God is present in every facet of our lives and oversees everything. He knows what is best for us. He knows when to take another turn and when to slow down. He knows when it is time to take a ‘break’, so that we can continue at full speed again.Every day God can only show you the way to life if you sit next to Him. Every day He invites you to take a seat at His side. The place where you can feel His love and hear His voice. When you look at the pierced side of Jesus, you discover His great love for you. He invites you to cast all your cares on Him, because He wants to care for you.Childlike trust Today God invites you again to take a seat next to Him. Your look ahead. He will take care of you and protect you. The only thing He asks is… “Do you dare to let go of your own course and trust that I have your entire life in My hands?” Just as I sat next to my father uninhibitedly and without any worries on the way to France, so may you take a seat next to your Heavenly Father. With childlike confidence, knowing that He takes care of you!

About Benjamin Koning

Getrouwd met Mirthe, papa van 2 prachtige dochters en ontzettend enthousiast over God's genezende kracht

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