The miracle of David!

Being Free 2First let’s introduce ourselves! We are Arno and Marianne. We have 4 children: Krista (13), David (11), Ezra (8) and Micha (6). We both grew up in wonderful Christian families and have been active in youth work and in the worship team of our church for years. Marianne and I had already visited the conference and came home feeling refreshed and happy. This year, Being Free coincided with the autumn holidays and we spontaneously decided to take the children with us. We prayed so much that the Lord God would take hold of them! There are many young families around us whose children no longer want to follow God. David in particular showed a lot of interest in the meetings and that surprised us! David is by nature a very calm, quiet boy. Very shy too. He finds it exciting to look at people and will not easily speak. (The reason I mention this is that it gave an extra dimension to the miracle for us, when David was so eager to testify to God’s power. He didn’t hesitate for a second!) For Saturday evening, David had even insisted on finding a seat at the front ‘because he wanted to see the miracles!’ Between all the seats with jackets, books, Bibles and bottles of water, exactly 6 seats were not occupied when we entered, in the 2nd row! During the first 6 months after birth, David cried constantly. It was only much later that it was determined that he must have had a broken collarbone. We don’t know exactly whether this is fused incorrectly or whether there is another cause (our doctor told us that a nerve also runs behind this bone that is known to be compressed) but for the past 11 years we have been able to fix it in this spot. don’t even touch it gently. We were able to hug him ‘gently’, but holding him tightly or playing around was never possible until Saturday evening, with the slightest touch in this place – even the morning before the healing service – David could not hold back his tears. David had already told us that he was thinking about having his grandmother prayed for, but just before the service he suddenly knew that God would heal his pain. When he was called, he stood up without hesitation. A member of the prayer team placed a hand on David’s shoulder, but immediately felt that he had to place his hand on David’s left collarbone. David described feeling a sharp shift in that area a few seconds later and the pain immediately disappearing. Being Free 5At that very moment (how is it possible!!) you, Martin, shouted from the stage that someone was being healed in the collarbone! Marianne and I looked at each other. We knew (very special!) Both were immediately 100 percent sure that it was David! We immediately looked at him. He was feeling and pushing and he was beaming and not at all himself. He quickly came to me and insisted that I squeeze and push him. This I did. First gently and then with a lot of force. David convinced us that he really didn’t feel any pain anymore and when he was asked to come and tell you this, he was out of the line before we noticed. The boldness with which David stood on the platform was another proof to us that God had really touched him! Immediately after the service, he asked for a phone call and began telling his grandmother and aunts what had happened. We are now a week and a half further and David is in perfect health and has also told his story in our community! David still instinctively turns away when we want to hold him, but then he enthusiastically discovers that the pain is really gone!! David has now been made the last man of his football team and his shoulder push is impressive ;-)! One of the reasons David knew he had to sit at the front of the healing service was a miracle that Marianne and I had experienced at the conference 2 years earlier in the healing service. Marianne was examined in a clinic in Rotterdam on the Tuesday before the conference. She recently had severe varicose veins in her legs for a while and had not slept for days due to the pain. That Tuesday, the doctor discovered from photographs that there was a large leak in the artery valve in her groin and that there was a serious risk of complications. We could go the next day, they would reschedule other appointments! Marianne was afraid that she would no longer be able to attend the conference and, against the doctor’s urgent advice, managed to persuade the doctor to make the appointment for the following Monday. During prayer on Saturday evening, Marianne felt an enormous warmth and felt the presence of God so much that she cried profusely. Only in the caravan did she realize that she was not in pain. But not only was the pain gone, the varicose veins also appeared to be missing! That Monday the doctor said he probably hadn’t looked properly and we were outside within 5 minutes 😉

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