The holiday is over!

Our holiday is over. We enjoyed it!

We went to Italy for the first two weeks. We were at a campsite with our family near Venice. Once again I discovered how much our children love swimming. Early in the morning, Lieselot in particular was ready to go to the swimming pool. And she couldn’t get out all day. Jumping, picking up sticks, playing with friends, … endlessly and always with a big smile.
Ingeborg prefers competition. So I spent hours with her ‘tapping back and forth’ with an inflated ball. Continually improving our record. And luckily that worked.
Karin enjoys it most when she can read for hours. At least 10 thick pills have gone through it. She read until the early hours. Finally time for those beautiful books.
In addition to all the relaxation at the campsite, we made a few nice trips. The two visits to Venice were especially impressive. Actually, everyone should see that at least once. The tranquility of a car-free island, the hustle and bustle of the narrow streets (sometimes less than a meter wide), the surprise of small squares and beautiful restaurants and the overwhelming beauty of churches and murals. And of course a tour in a gondola. Unforgettable!

After Italy we almost immediately went to Vakantieprak De Betteld. For a week I was allowed to give Bible studies there on the subject of my book ‘Live Royally’. It was a beautiful week in many ways. The studies with the young people were intense and moving. And the adults were also captivated by the beauty and power of God’s Kingdom. We prayed for many people!
We also gave away almost 10 books that week to people who couldn’t afford them. We still do that now. When I announce the book, I give people without resources the opportunity to come and get a book for free. It is special to give away and at the same time there are always a few people who come to give a gift to give away those books. This is how the Kingdom of God works!

After De Betteld we were guests at the 2nd Recovery Conference at Mooi Rivier (actually just De Bron) in Dalfsen. What a wonderful week for the whole family. Together with the almost complete Koornstra and Baars families, we thoroughly enjoyed camping, eating together and the wonderful services. All the kids and young teens had their own groups and went to their programs together. Then you see 4 young teenagers (nephews and nieces) going to the teen service together and coming back changed. Touching!
That week I spoke twice to the teenagers and once to the adults. There too, the Kingdom of God was the central theme with much blessing as an effect.

Now we are back home. Ingeborg is still at a teen camp (run by Herman Boon) and we are back to work at the VBG Bethel. It’s our last month. Quite a bit unusual, but good for training new people and transferring things well. In 3 weeks it will be over and our Royal Mission adventure will really begin. Then we are 100% busy with our new calling and vision for churches and organizations throughout the country. If you look at the agenda it becomes clear that there is plenty of challenge ahead of us. From September 1, we will also be 100% dependent on the income from this work and the donations from friends and partners. We would like to ask you to join us in praying in the coming weeks that God will provide everything. And if you would like to contribute to this work yourself, we invite you to support us.

I hope that you, like us, have had a good holiday. We look forward to a new season, full of God’s wisdom, encouragement, strength and blessing.

Dear greetings,
Martin and Karin Koornstra

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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