The Chosen

In recent weeks my wife and I have been captivated by the series ‘The Chosen’. The first drama series ever about the life of Jesus. The most famous story in the world is told in a contemporary way, from the perspective and lives of the people around Jesus. The series is of excellent quality and you are, as it were, drawn into the world of the disciples and our beautiful King Jesus.

Highest goal
According to the world, the highest goal in this life is self-development. It’s about developing yourself and becoming the person you want to be. When I listen to the messages in church, the highest goal that is communicated seems to be: holiness and cessation of sin. Both are incorrect. The highest goal in our lives is not self-fulfillment and the highest goal of the Christian life is not to stop sinning. Both are a fruit of the true highest purpose in this life. Namely knowing Jesus and being a disciple of Him. Being connected to Jesus and the life that results from this ensures the ultimate fulfillment of your existence. You become the person God intended before the foundation of the world. And you live a life led by God’s Spirit in power and holiness.

No new set of rules
Sometimes it can seem as if we have received a new set of rules for life in Jesus. Or a new ‘path’ that we can follow. This downgrades Jesus to an inspiring example. But He is so much more. He is not just a wonderful example or a prophet. He is the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the living God. He is Immanuel; God with us. The secret of the Christian life is not in my will or my own power to become like Jesus. The power is in His resurrection, whereby He now lives in me and lives His life through me. With this I live a life like Jesus, but not in my own strength. My job is simply to be connected to Him – John 15:4.

Living as a disciple
You are part of ‘the Chosen’. You were chosen by Jesus to be a child of God the Father, and a disciple of our Messiah by the power of the Holy Spirit. The life of the disciples, ordinary people like you and me, as beautifully filmed in the series, is an invitation to the life to which you and I are called. But how!? One of our great pillars at Royal Mission is discipleship. It is therefore almost inevitable that our first conference in the new year will be dedicated to this theme. Living with Jesus is more than conversion. It is a wonderful growth and change adventure in the footsteps of the Master. Jesus invites you again and again to leave your comfort zone and discover that His promises are true. Exciting and wonderful! That lifelong journey of transformation and becoming more like Jesus is what we call discipleship. Not just going to church, but following Jesus every day. During these 2-days, January 27-28, we want to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and bring others along with you.

Start the new year well
The impressive series ‘The Chosen’ has already been shown in 156 countries and viewed by more than 110 million people. From December 15, the series can also be seen weekly on NPO Start or immediately on NPO Plus. End the old year well and start your new year well. In addition, I invite and encourage you to register today for our January conference. Let us grow together in a life as disciples of our beautiful King. I hope to see you there!

Read more about this and register for the Growth Conference ‘Living as a disciple’ on January 27 and 28, 2023.

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Getrouwd met Anne, woonachtig in Utrecht, vurig spreker en vol passie voor het koninkrijk van God.

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