The chicken and the egg

Sunday. Time to take a day of rest. Wonderful, because we have had busy weeks. We have had a lot of work, in particular, setting up the PLC. We had to be in Addis a lot for this. From one corner of the city to the other and often at a snail’s pace because there seems to be traffic jams everywhere.

Driving in traffic jams doesn't have to be boring

‘Driving in traffic jams doesn’t have to be boring here’

Setting up the PLC involves a whole process. We go from one ministry to another. They all put their own stamp and signature and so we can go to the next office. We are very happy that we were able to find a good lawyer who can show us the right way. Unfortunately, this does not mean that everything goes completely smoothly. The government introduces a different rule every week, which often means there are surprises for the lawyer. This way we knew that we had to put a minimum amount of money in our account as an investment. It was a surprise that this had to be done immediately. Because we only have one hereGerard signs Being able to withdraw a few hundred euros per day and transfer money to the Ethiopian account takes just a week, we had to quickly look for another solution. Fortunately, we heard that an accountant from one of the Dutch people here would fly to Ethiopia the next day. After some arranging, we managed to get the euros to Ethiopia and we even immediately put them in our account. There is a solution for everything. Sometimes it seems impossible, but even then it works out fine. For example, to apply for our investment license, we had to show a rental contract for an office. After some searching, we were able to find a temporary office. But when we went to the notary to sign the contract, he asked if we wanted to show our investment license. Otherwise you can’t rent anything, right? Logical, but impossible! We need an office for the investment license and vice versa…. What came before; the chicken or the egg? Nevertheless, we managed to find a solution and we can sign the contract tomorrow – if the notary does not have another day off.


With 6 days left in Ethiopia, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Completing the PLC (we are half way through), making a decision about an industrial hall (we now have two options) and making a choice about our house (we have almost decided on this, photos to follow :)). Phew, the next few days will be packed again. Time flies when you’re having fun, as we say ;).

See you in a week in sunny Netherlands?? ; ) ‘When we look at industrial buildings/houses, we are often followed by many children, all of whom would like to have their picture taken. If we wait for the key to the gate, that’s fine 🙂

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