The blessing of summer

The holiday is over. Maybe you still have something coming up, but for us it’s over. As soon as September arrives, colleagues start coming back and everything at Royal Mission gets moving again. Our schools, courses, activities and conferences are about to start. We work hard, so we really give each other a holiday and time to recharge in the summer. As Ecclesiastes 3 says, “For every thing there is an hour, and a time for every thing under heaven.”

A heavenly place
As a family we were offered a camper and we went to Scandinavia for the first time. Together with Lieselot, Karin and I drove to Sweden via Germany and Denmark. What an adventure that was and having a different holiday. The photo above this blog was taken from the camper. We spent a night in Sjönevad near a lake with a beautiful jetty. Heavenly! Relax without any work pressure or assignments. We really felt the space to distance ourselves from all the dynamics and focus on family, fun and enjoyment.

A stream of blessing
Yet summer is not just about doing nothing. The past two months have also been packed with special camp weeks and conferences. For seven weeks, our team will welcome hundreds of children, teenagers and (young) leaders at MegaKids and Royal Adventure on De Betteld. Unique and at the same time a huge job. The creativity, the depth, the fun, the numbers, the friendships, the worship, the game afternoons, the humor and above all the powerful working of God’s Spirit are overwhelming. Every week we can witness transformative moments, profound encounters with God and radical choices following Jesus. The total of participants and supervisors this summer is approaching 3,000. What a movement!

And even more happened. After 2 years of corona, there was a physical Heart2Heart summer week for the first time. Nearly a thousand people settled at the beautiful, new Eigen Wijze location. With 30 great guys from Royal Mission we were allowed to lead a youth program during this unique family conference in Bant. Camp together and receive, meet and teach a group of 130 young people twice a day.
Our theme was Braveheart with Isaiah 28:6 as the core text:“He gives heroism to those who drive the enemy out of the city.” Just like the Scottish hero William Wallace in the famous film, we were invited to invite young people to show enormous courage in their struggle. God gives heroism and thus a fire is ignited in the hearts of simple people and they defeat the enemy.

A lamb across the room
The week in Bant affected me enormously. Especially Tuesday evening. I was allowed to speak to the adults and during my preparation that day, God gave me another sermon. It goes too far to describe the line of that message, but I do not want to deprive you of the intensity and power of the content. God’s holiness and a spirit of humility came over the room. There was a little lamb walking through the room… the Lamb of God.
After a time of repentance and kneeling before the Most High, the power suddenly broke through. Rarely have I seen so much visible working of the Spirit in my ministry. It brought me to my knees in awe of the Creator of heaven and earth.

Tomorrow I really start
The summer months are over. They have brought us sunshine and blessings. We are mentally refreshed and physically refreshed. We distanced ourselves from work and became closer to each other. We are ready for a new and challenging season.
Tomorrow I start speaking again and then my season really starts. In the morning in Bunschoten where Christian community The Lighthouse celebrates its 15th anniversary. In the evening we can organize the first Wonderful Sunday with our team. I look forward!

In the starting blocks
We opened our new hall just before the summer. We are ready to make full use of this through conferences, special days, courses and schools. And we may receive other organizations and ministries on our site. We have been blessed this summer to once again share many blessings. Are you participating? Step into the stream of heavenly blessing that God gives us!

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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