The bear is loose!

“The bear is loose,” said our friend Martin Dol the day before yesterday when we told him about our recent progress. And that’s how it is, because we’ve had a few good conversations with people who also see something in our plans and want to invest!

We hadn’t written a blog in a while and that was for a reason. We were in discussions with a number of people, but there were no concrete commitments yet. You can then say on your blog that you have had a conversation with “….” and that you expect him/her to participate. We like to be open, but on the other hand it is a bit strange if the person in question looks at our blog and then finds a story about him or her that anticipates the facts.

“We need a miracle”

More than two weeks ago we were at a difficult point. We worked hard to find investors, but things didn’t really make much progress. Fortunately, there were people who indicated that they probably wanted something and therefore we still had confidence in it, although sometimes this was more the confidence that people around us had in it than our own confidence. It just didn’t seem to materialize and we felt like we weren’t making any progress. Then we got to the point where we said, “Lord, we don’t know anymore, if this is going to work we really need a miracle.” Then a few times I came across the story of Jesus telling a parable about an unjust judge and a widow (Luke 18). Because the widow continues to ask questions, the judge ultimately rules in her favor. Jesus then compares God the Father with this judge and says that God will certainly provide justice if we cry to Him day and night. Now we were not wronged, but I still had the feeling that this was for us.


I prayed intensively for a few days until on Saturday afternoon (Nov 6) I felt God speaking through my thoughts and telling me that a breakthrough had come. To be honest, my confidence was still so low that I didn’t dare to tweet it or anything. And often you only know for sure that it was God’s voice when it turns out to be correct afterwards. Then suddenly everything started happening last week. We even received an email from an entrepreneur we didn’t know at all. When he read our vision plan, he became very enthusiastic and immediately contacted us. We have now agreed and he has agreed to think along and invest! At the beginning of the week we had an appointment with another entrepreneur with whom we had been in contact for some time. He has also decided to invest! When we asked him when that happened, it turned out to be the previous weekend. When I asked him if it might have been a Saturday afternoon, he took out his notes. “Yes, that must have been on Saturday afternoon.”

Life is an adventure if you live it with God…

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