That mouse has a tail

I think it was about seven years ago that I was invited to speak at a youth weekend. The weekend was organized by a large municipality in the center of the Netherlands and the weekend itself was all the way in the south of the country. It was quite a journey, but (as it turns out to this day) more than worth it…

On Saturday evening the service takes place in a barn of the campsite where the youth weekend is organised. There are many chairs and the organization has managed to convert the barn into a room where a flashy service can be held, with lighting, projector and band. During the long journey from Drachten I was able to think and pray carefully about the sermon I am going to preach. During the sermon I feel the Holy Spirit at work. The youth are ready for a call to help them respond to what God is doing. My sermon builds towards the climax and I want to give the first impetus for that call. Something special is going to happen…

At that moment there is suddenly a commotion and noise in the room. You would think that the Holy Spirit is at work. That would have been nice, but the truth is that there is a mouse in the room! Hilarity and panic in the room. The ladies on the chairs and the gentlemen chasing the poor thing. The beautiful, sacred moment is completely gone in one fell swoop. It seems that I came from Drachten for nothing, the opponent has thrown a stick in the wheel.

I notice that it makes me very angry. As soon as the mouse has been removed from the room and things have calmed down a bit, I will try to take a different tack. I explain that despite the rough interruption, God wants to do something special. He wants to heal someone sitting in the audience. Eventually a girl comes forward with a limp. She has had problems with her hip for a long time, which I remember is the result of dystrophy. A very great miracle happens there in that barn with prayer, whereby this girl is healed from her pain and no longer walks with a limp. This has such a great impact on everyone in the room!

When she got home, the girl explained in detail what had happened to her, because of course it had not gone unnoticed. Not much later she signed up for a shadowing day at our full-time training course (which was then called Triple-T). She finds it annoying to go alone, so she brings along her friend who is more there for her friend than she is really interested in the school. The result is that it is not the girl who is cured who applies for school, but her friend! This friend is having the year of her life and, as a bonus, also finds her life partner at the school. She is now married to him.

The change in her has not gone unnoticed in her family. The following year, her sister registered for the full-time course, which was then called Royal Mission School for the first time. Her life also turns upside down and she also meets her life partner during that year. She is now married to him. The change in her has not gone unnoticed at home. This means that the youngest sister registers for the following year. That girl is very unsure about her faith and doesn’t really know anything about Jesus and such. At the end of the year she tells anyone who will listen about Jesus.

In the meantime, the father and mother of the three sisters cannot be left behind. They choose to attend part-time school. First mothers, then fathers. Deeply impressed by the teaching, the whole family is captivated by Jesus. During the same year, one niece is taking the full-time course and another niece has signed up for the following year. The last girl indicates that she is so impressed by what happened to her nieces. During the selection interview she literally says… “I don’t really know who Jesus is yet, but I want what my nieces have, that too.

I baptized her last Sunday. She beamed as she stood in the water bath. When I think about it, tears come to my eyes. A day later I asked her what the guests she had invited thought of her baptism. She said that her sister in particular was deeply impressed and said in tears that she thought it was so special that her sister was so radiant. By the way, she hasn’t registered yet…

Last week the girl who was healed seven years ago contacted me. She said that she would have loved to register for the full-time course at the time, but that circumstances prevented her from doing so. She has now registered for the Part-time course. The circle is complete, but I don’t think the last chapter has been written yet…

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Getrouwd met Annemarije en vader van 3. Hoofd Onderwijs binnen Royal Mission en gek van geo-cachen.

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