Testimonials October – November

* Prayers for lower back pain and healing
October 28, 2009 we attended “Wake-up Veenendaal” in The Shelter, the “Wonderful Wednesday” on which Martin Koornstra from Drachten spoke about the ministry of healing, with additional prayer for the sick.
At one point Martin called on people who suffered from lower back pain and similar complaints. I thought many would raise their hands because this problem is common, but to my surprise I turned out to be the only one. I was called forward, in front of the stage, and was asked about the complaints. These often appear to be caused by one leg being slightly longer than the other.
In the meantime they had already placed a chair behind me on which I could sit, and it was found that my right leg was about 1 to 1.5 cm shorter than the left. They prayed for me, holding both my feet. Everyone who sat near the front saw it happen: the leg grew. I actually didn’t feel any of that. It wasn’t until I stood up that I noticed it clearly. I was allowed to make crazy movements to see if the back pain was gone. And there was no sign of that anymore.
I’m still completely blown away by it. Also from the prophecy that was additionally spoken about me: “Dare to dream, it is not over yet,” Martin said a few times, “you will still be a blessing to many people.” Praise the Lord!

* Freed from darkness
Last Wednesday I experienced that God can set us free from bonds with darkness. Bands that you sometimes don’t even realize are there! Years ago I consciously sinned and later confessed this sin. By sinning you give the power of sin ‘legal ground’ in your life…. I received forgiveness, but I did not realize at the time that I also had to bring that ‘occupied’ ground back under the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ, that I had to reclaim that part of my life for Him… On Wednesday I experienced that God’s adversary does not simply give up the land that you have granted him without a fight. I thank God for being so patient with me and for leading me by His Holy Spirit to this evening. And that He showed me that His blood is really enough, also for me… and that it concerns a CONQUERED enemy. We need not fear that, for God’s thoughts toward us are good, His banner toward us is love. He wants so much better for us than a life that is not completely free. He has come to break ties with darkness for good and wants to set us free!! What a grace…


I had been very tired for 1 year and often felt bad and sometimes had pain in my muscles.
I had blood tests at the doctor 7 or 8 times, but nothing special came out.
Or it was anemia, but after a month of taking pills it didn’t get better and then it was something psychological again. But the psychologist said that she thought it was something physical because psychologically there was nothing really wrong.
My confidence in the doctors became less and less.
When I was referred to the internist, I went there again in good spirits a number of times, but she too could not find anything and sent me to the fatigue clinic. I actually had no confidence in it anymore and thought that God was the only one who could help me, but anyway you go again because surrendering to God is sometimes more difficult because you unconsciously do the things that you think are good for you. . After my visit to the fatigue clinic, it was determined that I had PVS. I received papers that were important for applying for benefits, the last bit of hope was gone, I didn’t know what to think, you are happy that you know what caused those complaints, but on the other hand I was angry somewhere angry on God because I had no future like that, I thought, I certainly imagined that later I would be sitting on the couch living on benefits, nothing that was important anymore.
On the other hand I pray a lot God here you have me I don’t know anymore no one can do anything for me You are the only one.
When my niece asked me if I would go to a healing service, I immediately thought YES I will! So somewhere you go to that service full of longing and I hope that God wants to heal you too!
During the service I thought no, I’m not sick enough, there are still so many people who need to be healed and in the meantime I thought God please, me too!
During the service I felt the presence of God, I can’t explain it but I can tell you that nothing feels better than God being so close!
During the service there were people you could go to to pray for you and since I had seen that about 5 or 7 people had already been healed, I thought I would go too.
But I am not someone who dares to walk forward in church, so there I stood, go or not go or not, I don’t dare and suddenly the moment came when I thought I dare!
When I walked to the front and told them that I was chronically tired, they started praying for me, I felt a gust of wind from the front and at the same time so much fell away from me!
I can’t really explain what that feels like.
Then they said that God told them to tell me that I am wanted and should not be insecure! And I thought again how could they know that, I didn’t say anything about it! Am I that transparent? God wants to tell you that way! They also told me to read Jeremiah 20:11! God is like a terrible hero with me! All my attackers will stumble and live in shame forever! And from that Wednesday onwards I won’t worry so much everyone is beautiful in the eyes of God!
So me too! My fatigue is completely gone! And I really notice that God is so concerned with me!
As if God gives me a wink every now and then! As long as I remember that God is with me, no one can touch me! Because with my God I run into an army band and with my God I jump over a wall! 2 Samuel 22:30

R. v M.

We also have a great testimony about the wonderful Wednesday where Martin Koornstra led the evening.
Many GREAT SPECIAL miracles happened, not just that Wednesday but it went beyond….
I had heard from a friend of mine that Martin Koornstra would come to speak on that wonderful Wednesday.
Actually, we both had to take a course, but because this friend was supposed to sing in the band, she couldn’t.
I then decided not to take a course and go to The Shelter. In retrospect I think that was meant to be!!!
My husband (Paul) had been in a ‘desert period’ for a while and had cried out to God several times to get him out.
I asked Paul if he was coming along to this evening. He wasn’t completely enthusiastic about it, but he went along anyway, even though he had few expectations…
I also asked my sister along, I had a strong feeling that she should be here too and experience something like this.
I had great expectations for that evening and they came true, more happened than we dared to dream!
I will list them:
1 When I was told that you can get back and neck pain if one leg is shorter than the other, I immediately knew that my sister had this. She is a hairdresser and could sometimes get sick from the pain in her neck and back. When I said this to her, she hesitated. She didn’t really dare to come forward, she wasn’t familiar with this. When I said I wanted to walk with her, she agreed. She was prayed for and her one leg grew before my eyes!!!!! Praise the Lord! Martin also prayed for her and said many things that are going on in her life.
2 Paul also went forward. He always had severe pain in his calves after exercising or when he had squatted. He also had the feeling that he was the one for whom Martin had called for chest pressure. He didn’t have that at the time, but it still bothered him. Martin immediately felt that it was right. He prayed for Paul and Paul felt a kind of space in his chest!!! He also prayed for his calves. Just as Paul felt a force in his calves, Martin said; “Yes Lord, I feel Your power.”
The next day he squatted for an hour to change a tire on our car and he had no pain!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Martin had also spoken words about Paul that were completely true about that desert period. Paul has completely changed after that evening, he has passion and intense joy for God again!
3 In the car back home I said that I thought I might also have a difference in the length of my legs. I agreed with another girl who was with us that we would watch at home. When we got home, Paul looked at my legs. There did indeed appear to be a small difference. After the prayer that Paul did for me, the difference was gone!!! God is big!!!
4 The girl who was with us had also looked at home and there appeared to be a difference!! When she was with us on Friday to babysit our baby, we looked at it. There appeared to be a big difference in her legs. We prayed for her and it grew and it grew and it grew!!! Wow, it was soooo cool!!! God was working so hard… We cheered and praised God in our kitchen!!!
5 This happened just before we went to our church youth club, where we lead. We were completely on fire and planned to testify of God’s great miracles in our lives. We wanted to tell you that God is the same as in the Bible! He’s alive! We prayed in the car that the teens’ hearts would be open and that God would work through them. When we told the teenagers there was silence and their jaws almost dropped! Then we ran the normal program.
At the end of the evening there was still a group of about 10 teenagers. They asked me if I wanted to look at their legs too…. I wanted that. For most of them there was no difference, but for 2 girls there was a clear difference. In one of them it has even been medically proven! They asked if we would also pray for them. I called Paul and we prayed with the teens for the legs. The teenagers also joined in the blessing, that was very special! And yes, both the girls’ legs have grown. Under the eyes of the teenagers!!!!!! Paul exclaimed; Is God great??!!! And the teenagers exclaimed; YESSS!!!!! The teenagers were very impressed, they had never experienced this before.

About Martin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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