Stung by a scorpion

Three weeks ago I was on a plane to Blantyre, Malawi. The beginning of a special mission trip at the invitation of Wenzel, a South African pastor from the Netherlands. Together with a team of 12 people, including children, we set out to share the gospel in remote villages, just like Jesus did.

Weeks before, I got stuck during the Wonderful Sunday. I then wrote about it and asked God to encourage me. He did this, among other things, by inviting him to go to Malawi and a special gift to pay for the trip.

Like Jesus
For most of the trip we stayed in a simple building with no electricity, no running water, no furniture and only a manual water pump outside. No toilet, just a hole in the ground. No table or chairs, but sitting on the floor. No bed, but sleeping on an air mattress with mosquito net in a bare room measuring 3 by 3. And that for 10 days.

Because the sun rises around 5:30 am and it starts to get quite warm at 11 am, we left early in the morning. Packed with a backpack and enough water, we started a walk on the sandy paths to a nearby village. After more than an hour of walking, we arrived at a group of 15 to 20 houses. This is what we came for. Every time we made a trip like this, I thought of Jesus and his disciples walking in Israel.

The man of peace
There is almost always a simple mosque in the middle of those houses. Wenzel asks the local imam if we can enter the mosque. There we explain to him and his employee who Isa (Jesus) is from the Quran. Suddenly Wenzel says, “Are you sick to your stomach?” That turns out to be true. I have the feeling that the other man is having trouble with his arm and that is also confirmed. We pray and both are healed by Jesus in the mosque. We invite them to follow Jesus and the two men pray with us. Hallelujah!

A few days later we are back at this place. The imam’s assistant has found a blue jacket somewhere with ‘Christ is King’ on it. He beams from ear to ear. He brings one resident after another from the village to us with a need or question. This man is ‘the man of peace’ for this environment. We pray for dozens of children, mothers, teenagers and men.

Bringing blessing and life
This is our life for more than a week. Walking to the next village and always surrounded and followed by cheerful children. Wenzel and his team are building a network of friendship here. They also feed more than 60 children and during this visit all those kids receive 3 sets of new school uniforms. A must to go to school. Pieces of land are purchased for cultivation and ultimately to create employment for the area.

Among all the wonderful initiatives, unique conversations, powerful prayers and wonderful stories, you are also confronted with the impact of demonic and sorcery. You see children with a string with a block on it around their neck. Literally bound by a spell or curse from the witch doctor. Wenzel is not afraid of anything. He often breaks the strings and sets the children free. Even witch doctors are converted. Wow!

Halfway through the trip in the evening I ask God why I had to go on this trip. Of course I learn from Wenzel’s courage and enjoy the simplicity and power with which he and his team bring Jesus to people. Still, the question remains why I have to travel the world to experience this. God’s answer is special: ‘You are here for tomorrow’. I go to sleep that evening with great anticipation on my simple air mattress surrounded by my mosquito net.

The next morning we visit a church of a woman who is powerfully used by God in unmasking demonia. She is used to spending hours every day on her ‘prayer mountain’. Upon arrival, she lays hands on everyone from our team and you immediately feel the intensity of her life with God.

In the afternoon I witness a meeting of local pastors, where a leader poignantly asks Wenzel’s forgiveness for their distrust and misuse of money. The female pastor is also finally being honored for who she is.

That evening we have an evangelism service in this woman’s church. It will be a special meeting. There is unrest, chaos, shouting and little attention from the 100 people present. Palpable spiritual struggle. Wenzel decides to put everyone in 2 long lines. He takes one line and I get the other to lay hands on everyone personally. At first barely anything happens, until suddenly God’s power breaks through. Liberation, overwhelm and devotion. A simple plastic bath is outside and almost 30 people are baptized in it. Victory!

In my back
We drive almost an hour back to our house. It’s already dark. With a light on my head I go into my room and check for mosquitoes, cockroaches and other vermin. Everything is safe. I get changed, crawl under my mosquito net and lie down on my sleeping mat. And then it happens. I get stung in the back by a scorpion.

It hurts like hell and I immediately realize it’s demonic. I start shouting and the others come to help. The scorpion is found and immediately crushed. “It’s demonic,” Wenzel shouts. They disinfect the wound and stand around me in prayer. I start to sweat, become slightly dizzy and feel my heart beating faster.

Healed and Empowered!
After half an hour I suddenly feel enormous joy and it feels like the poison is being pulled out of me like taking off a T-shirt. Immediately I know I am healed and go to sleep shortly afterwards. The next day I only have a small mosquito bump on my back. God has intervened.

Since then, “Remember, I have given to you power to trample on serpents and scorpions, and to break the power of the enemy, so that nothing can hurt you” (Luke 10:19) has never been more real. I returned at the beginning of May with a greater belief that demonia will lose its power in the Netherlands and we may break the power of the enemy in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus!

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