Stumbling after Jesus

Last week I had a conversation with one of our youth workers. To a personal question, in the course of the answer came the sentence: “We are all stumbling after Jesus.”
The thought appealed to me and touched me. I think that as Christians we can all recognize ourselves in this.
A number of things come to mind for me in the sentence: Desire, vulnerability and learning processes.

‘Desire’, because in this world we can live for anything and everything. We can go for more money and position, a better job or our hobbies. We may sometimes want to become like the person we look up to, or try to become happy through the attention of someone else.
I believe that God intended us to become more and more like Jesus.
Deep down, every person longs for that. God has created a Jesus-shaped void within us so that sooner or later we discover that we deeply desire Him and want to follow Him.
Paul wanted to become like Jesus, but discovered that he too fell short every time.

The phrase also indicates that we realize that we are not perfect, even though we want to do our best. Time and time again we will be shown to fall short and fail. Every Christian, who belongs to the universal Christian church through faith in Jesus, knows that he/she is not perfect. However, we do want to grow and become more like Him. As we stumble, fall and rise, we may learn that following Jesus does not have to be that spotless triumph. He wants to teach us that we can be vulnerable. As soon as we recognize that we cannot do it ourselves, but still desire to follow Him, He delights in us and will lead and lead us.
Peter was allowed to discover that trial and error is part of following Jesus and that it is allowed.

Finally, the sentence also indicates that it is a learning process. If we keep our eyes on Jesus and center Him in our learning process, we will discover our destiny step by step. He wants to lead you like that little sheep who knows that the Shepherd will lead you to lush grass and flowing water. In your process towards your destination you will learn and discover a lot. That is a favor from that Shepherd. He wants to help you grow so that you become more like Him.
That’s what we all want deep down.
Jesus opened Zacchaeus’ eyes and showed him the steps He could take to become a more beautiful person.

Learn to long, dare to be vulnerable, have an eye for the beautiful learning processes that Jesus leads you through.
I pray for God’s blessing and guidance on the step you may take today/tomorrow. And if you stumble, don’t worry, get back up and look to Jesus.

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Man van Margreet - Vader van drie kanjers - Jeugdwerker, spreker en gepassioneerd voor de PKN

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