Slumdog Millionaire in South Africa

Today was another exciting day! We have had a busy week in which we were able to do a lot. We said goodbye to Sally (one of Charibiz’s part-timers, she is leaving for Durban, left in the photo) and made a lot of progress with the tunnels. sWe are now well into the project and therefore fully engaged in the work. We are busy making arrangements for the coming weeks/months, but we are also busy arranging things that should have already been done. This puts quite a lot of pressure, because we feel like we are always lagging behind the facts. That is why we hope to structure and organize the project in the coming months in such a way that we can see certain things in advance rather than afterwards. Enough challenge for us!


Today we visited a culture that is completely different from the African one. Last Friday we brought some vegetables to the supermarket where we deliver weekly. The owner is Previn, an Indian, and that is also clearly visible in his supermarket. There are several statues of sacred elephants and many posters of gods with I don’t know how many arms. Previn is a very nice man in his late 50s. During a previous visit he had already told us that he had spent a few days in the Netherlands around Queen’s Day (actually only Amsterdam, but for many foreigners the Netherlands is no bigger than Amsterdam). This time he invited us to visit family who live on a farm with him and his wife on Sunday (today). God’s Kingdom comes everywhere we go and we were also curious, so we were at the supermarket again this afternoon at 12 o’clock. After a drive of almost an hour we arrived at the farm in beautiful surroundings. There was more family and we sat together in the living room. Dinner with Previn's familyAs we wrote before, the ethnic groups here live fairly separated from each other. As a result, their culture is often well preserved and it is great fun to listen to customs and customs from another culture and to explain what is “normal” in the Netherlands. During the conversation, the movie Slumdog Millionaire was turned on. This film is about a boy from the slumbs (slums) in India who becomes millionaires (yes really, they are exactly right in India) in Lotto Weekend and becomes rich. According to the Singh family, this film gives a fairly accurate picture of India, so in fact we have had a crash course in India. When the movie was almost over, the food arrived. We ate brayanie (?), spicy chicken, some kind of fried bread and more. Delicious food but very spicy! A teaspoon of sauce mixed with the delicious brayanie was enough to set our lips on fire. Meanwhile, Previn and the rest of the family easily spooned a few spoonfuls from their plates… During dinner we explained why we are in Africa and that this is possible because people in the Netherlands support us. They also found this very interesting. PrevinWhen Previn had told us 4 more times about our beautiful tulip fields and clogs and we had explained the drug policy again, we went home again. Just a little preparation for tomorrow and then it will be nice for today!

Mission trip Lesotho

Thursday morning (5am!) we leave for an outreach to Lesotho. This is a small independent country in South Africa where life seems to be completely different than here. We are going with a group from the church (there are 10 people in total) and a local pastor. Pastor Aaron is a pastor in the full Gospel Church and we are going to have some kind of open-air conference together. It seems that many people in Lesotho are very open to the message of Jesus so we are curious to see what will happen!

Oh yeah! Our web album is now working and on the map on the right you can now see where everything is happening! There will undoubtedly be another story next week, about our experiences in Lesotho! We would like to thank you for all the responses, very nice and encouraging!

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