Saying goodbye as a springboard

Last Friday I said goodbye to Royal Mission. Through a special, but also emotional reception for me, a new period was heralded.
I was able to help build this wonderful organization for more than 10 years. Martin Koornstra spoke beautiful and encouraging words at the meeting with friends and colleagues. I have known him for many years now. He always wanted and wanted to bring out the best in me. The friendship with Karin and him will remain, because we part in a royal way.

North Friesland
God called me about 15 years ago with the words “North Friesland”. He broke my heart for the traditional church in this area. Churches here still do exceptionally beautiful and good work today. Thousands of people are still being reached with the beautiful Biblical message. However, these are increasingly elderly people who really appreciate the form of church services and gatherings. Unfortunately, this is not the case for younger generations. If we want to reach them, things will have to be done differently. We have to tack and catch the other wind in our sail before we hit lower shore and get completely stuck. And that is my calling: to inspire churches to renew and help reach next generations with the most beautiful gift God ever gave; Jesus.

Not always an easy path, due to the heavy weather that many churches are experiencing. A very grateful one. We were allowed and allowed to help build with youth and community workers in almost 20 churches. Through trial and error, we are increasingly learning how we can achieve the above objective today. Prayer is always the driving force in this.
It is now time to continue building on this under the wings of a new club. Martin and I have concluded together that it would be better to continue development in our own organization. We will do this in the new KerkOverstag Noord-Friesland foundation.

Bridal gift
I look back on wonderful years at Royal Mission. Years in which Royal Mission was given its own building for the Full-time School in Drachten. Years in which we were able to organize dozens of training days throughout the country and thus inspire thousands of people in their talents or with in-depth religious education. I was able to be part of training sessions, speaking engagements, schools, the GROW teenage weekend, inspiration evenings, growth evenings, live streams and much more. It was an honor to be part of this royal adventure. I also don’t want to forget the origins of the Youth Work training that I was able to develop together with Martin. We receive this inspiring training for volunteers in youth work within churches as a kind of bridal gift, and we will continue it unchanged under the flag of the new foundation (there are still 3 spots available for next season :-)).

To stay informed
If you would like to stay informed about what we do and perhaps be part of the activities we organize in the North of the country, please register by sending an email to, like us on Facebook or take a look at thewebsite .
The first activities in the coming month are three inspiration evenings (children’s and youth work, church councils and church leaders and family services) and the start of the youth work training.

Martin and Karin, board, wonderful colleagues, and many volunteers, I wish you good sailing and see you soon!

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