Sand in the lettuce

As a child, I often went to camp with my niece, to the children’s camps in Soest run by the In De Ruimte Foundation. How I liked that. We slept in large army tents with real beds in them. We had meetings every day, sports activities and of course chores. I felt like I had to pit endless potatoes with my team and wash the sand out of the lettuce. Hundreds of potatoes passed through our hands. What (slave) work! But still everything was nice; We did the chores while singing and we just ate the sand in the lettuce, that’s part of camp! Every morning after breakfast we went with all the teams to raise the “flag” and we all sang: We believe in red, white and blue and we march on. Red is the color of my Savior who once gave his life, white for the soul that is forever freed from punishment, blue that tells of heaven we travel to that place. It impressed me. The meetings were at the level of the children, the songs, the stories, the praying, I thought it was great. A camp gives a boost to a child’s religious life. Spending a week together and spending days focusing on God and the Bible has a huge impact on your life. I went to camp many times as a child and teenager. Despite all those potatoes and all that sand, my life changed drastically during those summer weeks. The songs are still buzzing in my head, I can still see the Bible pictures and Aunt Lobby’s prayers are legendary. It has become the foundation for the life I now live with Jesus. From the start of our marriage, I immediately started working on children’s weeks and camps. Each time, children’s lives have been touched by the love of Jesus. It is special that I will be able to organize and lead camps again in the coming months with a wonderful team of coaches and team leaders at the Betteld and at Opwekking. Enjoy an entire Pentecost weekend or a complete summer week together with other kids and leaders, enjoying adventure, exciting stories, cool songs and fun games… and prayer for every child. In the middle of all Jesus’ sermons and miracles He says:“Leave the children alone, do not hinder them from coming to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” It is God’s desire that children be saved. Children are important to Him. They are worth giving your time, your talents and your efforts to. It is important that we take our children to places where they will be challenged and where they will learn about God and how to give their lives to Jesus. I want to challenge you to think about sending your kids to camp. And I also want to motivate you to get involved yourself, because together we can get it done. Come to Opwekking at Pentecost at the Kinderplein with your kids or come to the Betteld for a week in the summer and let your children participate in Megakids or another camp. They will have the time of their lives. And you too! PS After all these years of children’s work in churches, at camps, during conferences and while traveling, my first book comes at Pentecost‘Very strong children’s work in every church’ out.

About Karin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Martin en moeder van 2 geweldige dochters Ingeborg en Lieselot. Leerkracht, coach, leider en dirigent.Gepassioneerd voor goed kinderwerk in elke kerk!

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