Royal Meetings

Last October we started Royal Meetings for Christians from North Friesland. We want to help Christians deepen their relationship with Jesus, live more in the power of the Holy Spirit and get to know God better. Our goal is to turn followers of Jesus into passionate disciples. The meetings take place monthly in Zwaagwesteinde ( in frieze: De Westereen). When God called me to North Friesland 10 years ago, I had no idea of ​​what the future would bring. Over the years, the hope and expectation grew that God would do something beautiful through which many people in North Friesland would be touched and empowered by our heavenly Father. I can now name many examples within churches and organizations where God is doing something special. Together we could become witnesses to a mighty move of God’s power. The dream for North Friesland has become more concrete over the years. A desire arose to grow to 30 churches that we would support from Royal Mission in youth work and church renewal. This hope grew stronger, and God brought churches our way. It has now been 2 years since I discovered that this dream was no longer in the distance on the horizon, but that we were taking the first steps within the framework of that dream. It seemed that we were actually being led in the direction that God had shown us beforehand. We now work with a great team of 9 professional youth workers in 10 different churches. Most of them are beautiful traditional municipalities. We are also in discussions with 6 other churches that are considering calling on us. In all churches we work with small discussion groups, among other things. We want to discuss their faith personally with young people and adults. There is a need for that! They want to discuss what the truth is and what they can believe. They want to learn again what it is to live a life as a disciple of Jesus. In addition to the need for personal conversations, young people and adults also need larger inspiring gatherings in which Jesus is central and God’s power can be experienced. The ideal place for this would be the local Sunday service. However, this seems to be (too) big a challenge almost everywhere. We also see this in the churches where we work as Royal Mission. Particularly in the traditional churches. The good, old, inspiring forms are very suitable and familiar for adults and the elderly. They are built up and encouraged in this. However, the new generation (approx. 40 years and younger) does not feel addressed. This means that this group largely no longer comes to church or looks elsewhere. With the Monthly Royal Meetings we want to reach this group and inspire them. We want them to experience what the love of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit can mean in our lives. We hope that they will stay in their own municipalities and want to help build. We want to provide the pilot light that burns within Christians with new fuel and oxygen! So that old sources can be opened and new insights may be received. Curious? Welcome to Saturday, November 18 in Zwaagwesteinde at 7:30 PM Mûnewei 17

About Gerlof Wiersma

Man van Margreet - Vader van drie kanjers - Jeugdwerker, spreker en gepassioneerd voor de PKN

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