Report trip Curaçao

A week in Curaçao,

After bringing the kids to our friends with schedules of all their activities, we prepared our suitcases with only summer clothes for our trip to Curaçao. Invited by Wilkin and Aukje van de Kamp to participate in the “greater grace tour” on Curaçao with a team of friends and Kees Kraayenoord with his band. And of course you don’t say ‘no’ to that. We left for the Antilles on Monday November 9 with Wilkin and Aukje and Tijs and Mandy. The others were already there or came later.

in the sunWe were warmly welcomed by our host and hostess Cees and Rommy van Harten, the people responsible for the Hebron children’s home. The tropical sun and wind greeted you and always gave you a holiday feeling. We stayed in a large house with a swimming pool at a holiday resort and dived into the pool every day to look at the palm trees. We had cars at our disposal and were used for everything.

A short impression of our activities

Martin held a Bible study about the Holy Spirit with a group of children’s home employees and we were allowed to pray for everyone. Here too, the book Live Royally was read and we were able to answer their questions. We also distributed CDs of “You are a King’s Child” and DVDs of “Megamoves”.

praying-with-pastorsWilkin spoke to many leaders of the island on the theme of “unity”, which was a talking point on an island where there are 60 churches for 140,000 people! Unexpectedly we were in a radio studio for a live interview and then had a delicious sandwich at the Subway J. We snorkeled in one of the beautiful bays with white sand and deep blue water, wow and what special fish swim underneath. you through, amazing … Also visited Willemstad, a nice city with all kinds of colored houses and a characteristic walkway that can open and close sideways, depending on the number of sailing boats or cargo ships.

Tried all kinds of juices and smoothies. Children from deprived neighborhoods collected by car for their weekly children’s club kids club2 with Mirjam and Erwin. The kids wore a medal on behalf of the King so that they will never forget that they are King’s children.

All the kids received a delicious sandwich and we sang songs in Papiamento! Karin had brought all kinds of materials and gifts that came in handy.

The visit to the Bon Futura prison was impressive, where Kees Kraayenoord gave a concert for the men’s section. Rough, tough men who danced or played along with the band at the end of the concert. Prisoners are also baptized regularly. You can be free in prison and trapped outside.

radio interview1On Sunday morning I led the service at a local church, gave a testimony, sang a song and laughed a lot during Martin’s sermon, which made people free and cheerful. Attended a children’s concert with the kids from the 4 children’s homes, reminded me a lot of Suriname, wonderful to see the kids singing like that.

Every evening we had Surinamese, Aruban, Colombian or Italian dinner with Cees and Rommy and then went to the conference in House of Worship with the entire team, about 20 people. The people were very happy with our arrival and responded to all the sermons and songs and were hungry for God’s Grace. We had to promise everyone to come back, which of course we were happy to do J

We flew home again on Monday night, November 16, to quickly visit our kids and hold them in our arms again…

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