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The Pentecost conference of Opwekking was already a week ago. Yet it is still fresh in my memory and I look back on it with great pleasure. As a Royal Mission team we have been able to share and bless in all kinds of ways. I had the privilege of giving a seminar at the youth site. I must honestly say that I appeared to lack faith during the preparation. Before the seminar, I had little faith that people would come to my seminar. The weather was fantastic, making it quite warm in the seminar tent. The start time of the seminar was 5 p.m., a time of the day when you start thinking about food. In addition, the title, ‘Bible use’, was not exactly a ‘full house draw’. I assumed a maximum of 25 visitors. Hunger To my great surprise, the tent was practically full with more than 300 participants. They listened attentively and wrote along. That is of course always nice for a teacher to notice, but it especially touched me that there is apparently a hunger for the Bible. The conversations after the seminar were also special and encouraging. Tips were asked about how to read the Bible, how you can find out more about the background of the Bible and there was also someone who had not read the Bible before and wondered which book of the Bible was best to start with. Unnatural desire That hunger for the Bible and the desire to know God through His Word did not suddenly arise because of the seminar. Not even by me as a teacher, although I might like to believe that. It is the Holy Spirit who awakens a new generation and creates an unnatural desire for reading the Bible in the hearts of (young) people. Let’s face it. An age-old book, written by approximately 40 different authors over a period of 1,500 years, consisting of approximately 611,000 words (counted this morning), in which a cultural and historical gap and also a language barrier must be overcome, is not immediately attractive. to read. Quick words The biggest barrier for young people to reading the Bible became clear during the seminar. Fortunately, I was blessed with a microphone that I had to hold close to my mouth, although I still had to raise my voice considerably to make myself understood. That had nothing to do with the quality of the sound equipment. Next to the seminar tent, a sound check took place in the youth tent and not much later there was a performance by a rap group who accompanied their fast words with a strong beat. I was surprised that most participants were still able to pay attention, while it was already a challenge for me to stay focused. Heavenly rhythm Actually, this situation is a nice metaphor for our spiritual life in the context of this society. In our society everything moves fast, we are rushed and there is (often literally) a lot of noise. This is in stark contrast to how God’s Word presents itself to us. That is slow and sometimes syrupy. It therefore requires a lot of time, concentration and silence. In that silence, God wants to let His Word resonate in our hearts. It’s not just taking in information. You read from the inspired Word of God. Word and Spirit can work together if you choose to open your heart to it. It requires a choice to take peace and space against the wild rhythm of society to read the Bible in a heavenly rhythm under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. New Generation I experienced it as a small miracle that the seminar tent was full of young people who wanted to know more about the Bible. The fact that during Opwekking thousands of young people and teenagers make radical choices to follow Jesus is an even greater miracle! It makes me full of expectation for what God will do in the coming years with a new generation of Christians. As far as I’m concerned, the question is not whether there will be a wave of the Spirit among people. The question is more how big and how fervent this new movement of God’s Spirit in young people will be. My belief is that the lasting impact of this movement largely depends on the willingness of people to take time to let God’s Word and Spirit play a central role in their lives. To help At Royal Mission we felt it was a privilege to share as a team during the Revival Conference. I heard from my colleagues wonderful testimonies of what God has done during meetings. We want to continue to do that as a team. We therefore offer various forms of education, training and inspiration. We would like to help you further in your growth and thus take responsibility for your spiritual life. There is a revival of the church and you as a reader of this blog are part of that. I would therefore like to call on you to take responsibility to ensure that this revival is sustainable. Get to know God and His Word, invest in them and encourage others to do the same.

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