Power of the church

Choosing the church. A choice that is made less and less by people of my generation. Christians become disappointed in the church and discover that their walk with God continues even without a church. A choice they make based on disappointment. Hurt by the church. You probably know people who have experienced this or perhaps you are someone who feels hurt by events in a church.

Two years ago we were looking for a new church. We came from a nice community in the middle of the country and it took us some time to settle in a new church here. This was also a move. We quickly found a community where we clicked. Not to make a choice out of enthusiasm (and later drop out!), we took the time to make a choice. Over the years we have also experienced many disappointments in the church, which has caused our enthusiasm for the church to fluctuate quite a bit. We asked a lot of questions about the church. What do we choose? Why the church? Why do we choose this church? What appeals to us? What is a good church?

One Sunday morning I was getting a bit irritated during the church meeting. It didn’t appeal to me and I was annoyed by the habits and mannerisms. The thought crossed my mind: why am I here? God spoke: “You are here because I choose the church.” Bright! God chooses the church. He chooses to work with us. God wants to walk together with us. With us as people. With all our talents and shortcomings. God does not just choose, He consciously chooses the church. The church, it is His bride. The beauty and vulnerability of a bride, that is her strength. Is the bride perfect? No. Does she make mistakes? Fixed. Is she pretty? Certainly!

What then is the power of the church?

The strength of the church is its beauty and its vulnerability. Hearing people sing together, worshiping God. What a breathtaking beauty it is to hear that. And there you have it; the church consists of people. Where there are people, mistakes are made. Making mistakes is vulnerable. The church is vulnerable because God chooses to build with and on people like you and me. We need each other, not just to build the church. We need each other in our daily walk with God. Precisely therein lies the power of the church. Building God’s plan together, by walking with God together.


Summer has started and the school season is almost over. Summer is a time when we pause and reflect. Making choices and determining course for the coming season. People often make choices about a new job or another home in the summer. I challenge you to think about your choice of church during the summer. Choose the church. Make an informed choice. Choose to help build. Choose to walk with God together with others and be involved in the church.

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