Party… just like at the temple!

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June was another milestone in the history of Royal Mission. We opened our new hall with leaders from the country, with friends, volunteers, supporters, participants and followers. What a party with our Royal Family!

Ruud, our chairman, expressed the grace we experience as Royal Mission and the blessing we see in our work. He then gave a strong word of thanks to the construction companies, the construction team and all the donors who made this possible. The honor of actually opening the building was Richard’s. He has been a director of our wonderful foundation since the start of Royal Mission. When pulling away the (small) bow, the door opened.

Martin then spoke these words: ‘Because we believe that God gives this place to the land, I have applied the words of Solomon, which he spoke at the dedication of the temple, to this room:
‘Could God really live on earth? Even the highest heaven cannot contain you, let alone this hall we have built for you. O LORD my God, hear the supplication of your servants and listen to the sighs that we present to you today. Be attentive day and night to what is happening in this hall, the place where you yourself have said that your name will dwell, and hear the prayer we make to this hall.” (1 Kings 8:27-29)

This is the prayer we prayed during the various opening celebrations:
‘If someone has done something wrong, let it be resolved here.
When we have suffered loss, restore us here.
As we pray here for rain, open the floodgates of heaven and pour out your Spirit.
When outsiders and strangers come, let them meet You here.
When we go to war in this place, give us victory.
When we pray here for salvation and deliverance, hear our plea and prayer.
As we speak healing and restoration in this place, show your power.
As we sow the seed of your Word in this room, let it bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 times.
As we bend our knees here, answer our prayers and restore our country.
Let every prayer and worship from this place touch your heart, so that your heavenly throne becomes visible on earth and people walk away changed.
In Jesus name and everyone say, ‘AMEN!’

Immediately Theo and Benjamin started the song ‘Fill this house with Your glory’. We sang this to heaven in awe and with great anticipation.

With each new celebration, Martin Dol, Robbie or Ruben have shared our vision. Jan Pool expressed the meaning of Royal Mission for the country and asked leaders to bless our team. Impressive and blessed!

Each opening party was hosted by Karin and the festivities coordinated by Annieke, Gertine and Jeanet. There was a lunch for the leaders, a reception for visitors and a barbecue for the volunteers, with of course a bouncy castle for the kids. This gave everyone the space to view the new wing of our building and experience how beautiful and high-quality it has become.

We are so grateful to God because the promise from Haggai ‘The glory of this future house will be greater than that of the first’ is already true in the construction and we believe it will truly become true in the blessing that God will give on this will take place. From September we will start with unique growth conferences, larger growth courses and special growth days. The best is yet to come!

We have already been extremely blessed with gifts and commitments.
If you would like to help us pay for the final construction costs, click here and read how far we have come and discover God’s blessing on this.

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Getrouwd met Karin, 2 mooie dochters, passie voor Jezus, spreker, schrijver, trainer en een beetje gek!

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