Out of a test comes a testimony

Christians want to be blessed. We look forward to being touched (again) by God’s power. Sometimes we even fervently hope that we can have an overwhelming experience with God. That is a beautiful desire and at the same time these are not the moments in which your spiritual roots and your faith in God deepen. Deepening and development comes about in very different circumstances. As a teenager, I desperately wanted a prophecy from Frank Hultgren. Frank was a friendly and cheerful Australian, who could preach in a very fatherly and engaging manner. When he spoke to small groups, he would often pray for each person personally with prophecies. The evening he came to speak to our youth group of forty people, I was almost certain that he was going to lay hands on everyone this time too. So I looked for a nice spot in the front row, well in sight of Frank. Throughout the evening I fervently hoped that he would have a wonderful word from God for me. While singing I made an extra effort and hoped that Frank saw ‘how dedicated’ I was. That evening I received a definitive answer about the direction and destiny of my future. Frank was given the stage, gave a short sermon and said: ‘I would like to pray for everyone personally’. I thought: ‘Yes! I’m fine. This is going to be my night.” He continued by saying, “God has given me specific instructions for tonight. I have to start at the back of the room and work my way to the front.” You already feel it; that was a real bummer. How could God do this? I have been stressing all evening because I saw that the whole process of prayer and prophecy was taking a lot of time. Late that evening, just before it was my turn, he stopped and apologized for not being able to pray for everyone. For me that evening ended in tears, because I had received no word from God. What a longing for (another) prophecy. That desire is good, but without trust in God himself and the courage to obey his words every day, it makes little sense. You can hear endless commands and encouragement from God, but what matters is what you put into practice . Especially when life is difficult. Prophecies are good for a person, because they give you hope and expectation. They make you dream about what is possible in a life with God. It strengthens your feeling that you are significant. Everyone wants to hear that. Everyone likes to receive a note from heaven. At the same time, it is wonderful to already be at your destination and to experience the fulfillment of God’s plans for your life. Arriving is great. Arriving at the place you have been looking forward to for so long. Be active at full capacity in the position that God has designed for you. But the reality is that we are mainly in the meantime. The often long period between promise and destination. Between expectation and fulfillment. A journey of more than twenty-two years for David. We think that is the most difficult time, but God thinks that is the most important phase. Because you are formed along the way. Through all setbacks and difficulties you become strong. The process of change and growth is much more valuable than achieving all goals. To God, obedience is much more important than success. What would happen if you stood on that big stage tomorrow or led that huge ministry? How would you handle it if tomorrow your dream were fulfilled or you could take the place you long for? Was David capable of leading a country at the age of fifteen? I’m sure not. I don’t think I’m ready yet for certain assignments that God has prepared for me. That’s why I can learn and become stronger on the way there. Growing by tackling problems instead of avoiding them. In English they sometimes say: ‘Out of a test comes a testimony ‘. From a test comes a testimony. From a fight comes a victory. Your character is not shaped by the prophecy or an intense experience, nor by arriving at your destination. You change and become stronger along the way, by learning to deal with setbacks and struggle. Your growth is also a gain for the King, because then He becomes more visible in you! This text was written in response to the book ‘Winning for the King’ by Martin Koornstra.Hereyou can order the book.This autumn we will also organize a free training and inspiration day about the book at 2 locations:November 14 in Ede andDecember 12 in Zoetermeer .Here read more about it

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