Our June RM newsletter!

Hello, It has been too long since we updated you about developments at Royal Mission. So it’s high time for a newsletter in which we describe our adventures and explain the challenges. Fortunately, we always know that there are people behind us with prayers, encouragement and financial support. Speak
Guitar courseIn the past month we have crossed the Netherlands again to speak in churches, youth services, conferences and events. Martin has been to Ureterp, Barneveld, Groningen, Ede, Damwoude, Leeuwarden, Kampen and Biddinghuizen. While other speakers from the Royal Mission Team have preached in Katwijk, Hoogeveen, Steenwijk, Muntendam and many other places. The teen services at Opwekking were very impressive with much conversion, devotion, deliverance and a healing service full of miracles. Together with David de Vos , Martin led this service in which many teenagers felt God’s power and restoration. A deaf ear opened, a girl got up from a wheelchair, many pains disappeared from the neck, knee, groin, teeth, wrist and jaw. God’s power became visible! The speech at the Soul Survivor Festival was also special and an answer to prayers from years ago. Actually a moving story! Many young people were touched by the message of the kingdom of God and responded to the call to live with compassion, as Jesus did. Coachen
The coaching programs are going well. In Ermelo we completed the coaching this week and the testimony of the youth workers is that they have grown in leadership and will start working with youth work based on new principles in the coming season. They are full of fire! Also into the leadership processSchinnen has been completed in a beautiful way. Marcus, Erwin and Martin have been able to contribute enormously to the renewal and expansion of the leadership team. Into the trajectoryWaddinxveen is still running and is very challenging. With a group of more than 20 child and youth workers, we write a vision line for the ages 0-25, so that these become the anchor points of their entire education, activities and coaching. Beautiful process! Karin is very busyguitar lessons to be given to 2 groups of students. Everyone is very enthusiastic. Two more groups will be added from September. Keep an eye on the website for information and registration. Visit to Belgium We also spent a weekend in Belgium in May. There we visited the camps that we led ourselves for 15 years. It was emotional to see our friends, ‘old’ youth members and employees working so passionately. We attended Teens Training (teenage event that Martin set up) and Kids Camp (children’s event that Karin set up). It’s special to see all that continues and new leaders take their place. We were really able to enjoy the fruits of our years of work in Belgium. We felt like ‘guests of honour’. Bill Wilson , the leader of the largest Sunday school in the world with almost 40,000 children every week, was one of the guest speakers. Karin visited his work a few years ago and now we sat at the table with him. It was impressive to meet this man of God. Try reading his life story or go to New York yourself to get to know Metro Ministries. You will never be the same again! Royal Mission office
Over the past 6 weeks we have been busy renovating our house to create an office with 3 workplaces for Royal Mission. It was a huge job that took a lot of energy. At the same time, we have had a lot of help and received almost everything as a gift: new desks, beautiful office chairs, a new window, a new floor, the carpet, the computer equipment, the radiators, … we are overwhelmed by God’s provision. In the meantime, the work is as good as finished. Fortunately, because a lot of work has been left behind (such as this newsletter). We are now looking for people and finance to make this office work properly, so that we have to do less administrative work ourselves. We want to focus on the calling we have received from God. The future We are almost at the end of the first year of Royal Mission. Time to take stock and see where God affirms and challenges us. – We’re going onespeaker team set up so that we can deliver the message of the Kingdom in several places at the same time. – We go one every monthFREE training day offering in the country about children’s work, youth work, healing or the Kingdom of God. – We’re going morematerials spend to reach even more people with the blessing God has given us. – We’re going to work on onestable and larger partner group , which financially supports Royal Mission. – We’re goingRoyal Mission Team training and expanding more, so that we can handle more in the coming season. – Martin and Karin will focus more ontheir calling to train, speak, teach and write and do less administration. – We’re goingRM office and try to organize a continuous staffing for this. The coming weeks We are just before the ‘Free Weekend’ at De Betteld. This Friday and Saturday, almost 1,000 people will enjoy education about a life in freedom. Willem Ouweneel, Wilkin van der Kamp and Martin Koornstra will challenge us to live as God intended: FREE! Next summer, the Royal Mission Team will lead the youth program at De Betteld for 9 weeks with the new name ‘Royal Adventure’. We challenge you to join us as a leader or participant or come and watch the training day of June 19 at De Betteld from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Karin will coach and guide the children in singing ‘Kids Praise’ with a team. You can see a short promo about Royal Adventure via www.youtube.com/watch?v=JspDKi5BbMUOur family Finally, some news about our family. We are doing well, although we notice that this year has been quite difficult and intensive. We are looking forward to our camping holiday. Ingeborg and Lieselot are doing well at school. Ingeborg will soon go to the 3rd year of secondary school and Lieselot will start at the VSO. They sing, dance, play football, whistle, paint and play drums. At the same time we would like to ask your prayers for them and us. We realize that most of the attack on our lives and ministry is on our family. We experience this regularly and that is why we invite you to put our family on your prayer list. Because our first priority and responsibility remains our family. Finances Finally, we would like to ask you to do something extra financially for Royal Mission at the end of this season. We are facing significant investments with 10 free training days, people in the office and the development of new materials. We think it is special that you sympathize with us. Are we helping to build the kingdom of God? Lots of greetings from us andlive royally , every day. Love from us, Martin and Karin Koornstra Ingeborg and Lieselot The Royal Mission Team

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