Opening of new Royal Mission training center in sign of unity and hope for the church

On Monday, June 17, we officially opened the new Royal Mission training center at De Schutterij 10 in Veenendaal. A special moment because it happened with so many leaders from different generations and denominations. With this opening we not only reflect on the special and wonderful process by which this beautiful building was created, but above all we also start a new period for us as an interdenominational renewal movement. We believe in a revival of the church in the Netherlands and would like to contribute to that with this new training center.

Opening by 5 church leaders from 5 denominations
The opening was all about unity and hope for the church. Five nationally known church leaders (Tom de Wal, Astrid Feddes, Jos Douma, Dick Lagewaard, Willem Ouweneel) from different generations and denominations gave a short speech in which they all once again emphasized ‘how important mutual unity is’ and that we are moving towards more may desire and look forward to revival of the church’.
Then, together with other leaders present, they let about 12 doves fly into the air to symbolize the work of the Holy Spirit in the churches of the Netherlands.

Training center for the broad church in the Netherlands
Our training center (over 1800 square meters) is intended to inspire, educate and train people who are active in their local church in their spiritual growth and for their work in the church. For example, in their work as a children’s worker, youth leader, elder or leader. We want to encourage Christians to deepen their faith and take back their place in the church. The topics and themes range from discipleship to leadership and from Gifts of the Spirit, faith healing to designing a vision for the local church.

Different groups and denominations
Different target groups from all denominations are served. From church leaders to children’s workers and from entrepreneurs to parents of growing children. In addition, there is special leadership training for Christian entrepreneurs and for people with responsibility in the church. Furthermore, various inspirational and teen events are organized throughout the country from this training center and there are special church training programs for local church councils in the context of church building.

The church in the Netherlands is alive and well and growing
Although various research reports and media reports suggest otherwise, we are wholeheartedly convinced that the church in the Netherlands is alive and well and may even be on the eve of a revival. We see the many signals for this every day and this beautiful building is also a wonderful example of this. We would like nothing more than to contribute to this revival and make everything available to make this possible on a daily basis together with other organizations. It is first and foremost God’s work to restore the church in the Netherlands, but the great thing is that He wants to involve us as people in this. We long to inspire others to embark on this adventure. Over the past 10 years we have been able to do this in hundreds of churches and we have been able to teach thousands of ‘students’ in our full-time and part-time courses. This new building illustrates how God provides and is a huge incentive to continue this for the next 10 years.

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