Open Teaching Day at Royal Mission School

We want to use the special visit of Maggie Das from India to our Royal Mission School to organize an Open Lesson Day. On Thursday, January 24, Martin Koornstra will teach a whole day about ‘the Kingdom of God’ and Maggie will provide a part of it. We open this special day of lessons at our training school free of charge to anyone who would like to attend. You can participate in this inspiring day together with the 28 full-time students. Introduce
Maggie BadgerMaggie (Magdlene) Das comes from Calcutta and grew up in deep poverty, where there was sometimes only 1 slice of bread to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. In addition, the atmosphere in the family was determined by her father’s drinking and violence. Fortunately, her mother is religious and Maggie ends up in a Compassion project as a 5-year-old. In this way she gets to know God, develops and she calls the church her ‘father’. Her sponsor’s letters became her love letters and made it possible for her to study to become a teacher. Her story is impressive and an illustration of the power of the Kingdom of God in people, through the church. A new beginning 2Kingdom of God Martin Koornstra will provide a challenging day of teaching about the kingdom of God. God’s Kingdom is the largest theme in the Bible outside of the divine persons. In fact, the Kingdom of God is the recovery plan for this world and a blueprint for our daily lives with and for the King. Jesus will not return until ‘the gospel of the kingdom’ has been preached throughout the world (Matthew 24:14). That is why it is important to understand and live this gospel of the Kingdom. Opportunities This Open Lesson Day is a unique opportunity to: – Be touched by the message of the Kingdom of God – Become passionate about living royally – Be gripped by the mission to bring justice – Be motivated for the work of Compassion – Be interested in Royal Mission SchoolDaily schedule The coffee is ready from 8:45 am and we start promptly at 9:00 am. – 1st teaching block: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM with a coffee break halfway through – At noon there is room to eat your own lunch. We provide coffee. tea and milk. – 2nd teaching block: 1:00 PM – 4:60 PM with a coffee break halfway through. In the 2nd teaching block, Maggie Das from India will tell her life story. Location This Open Lesson Day is in the building of the Vrije Baptisten Gemeente Drachten, Bolder 75 Drachten. Route at: Below you can register for this Open Lesson Day about ‘The Kingdom of God’

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