One step closer to the Ugandan

After a few weeks of silence, it is time to make ourselves heard again. Silence on the website, but absolutely no peace or quiet in terms of activity with us in Uganda. Lots of progress and new insights. .

Africa = Africa

Because we have lived in several African countries during this year, we have seen and learned a lot from the different countries and their inhabitants. It is also striking how different they are from each other. We tend to see Africa as one country and think that ‘the African’ in Ghana is the same as ‘the African’ in South Africa, but of course nothing could be further from the truth. Africa is a continent just like Europe, and Norway cannot be compared to Spain. This also applies to ‘the Ugandan.’

boda driver

When we came here from Ethiopia, we immediately noticed a lot of difference from the Ethiopians during the first days. In addition to the external features such as a flatter nose and a darker one, we immediately noticed how friendly the Ugandans are. They wave, help and show us the way. And we don’t even have to pay them money when they have meant something to us (like in Ethiopia); no, they’re just helpful.

The originality prize?

When we drive through Kampala we see how Uganda earns its money by working. We see many independent entrepreneurs. Working day in, day out. Hoping to earn enough money to get through the day. Even though it is physically very difficult and they have no free time left, they continue! They are go-getters, they are fighters.vegetable stand Of course, there are plenty of Ugandans who are employed and have a very different easy-going mentality, but with these self-employed entrepreneurs it is often a different story. They fight. It touches us enormously when we sometimes see them struggling. They have their own greengrocer’s shop or earn their money with a bicycle taxi. They sell pieces of sugar cane at the traffic lights or walk past the shops decorated with all kinds of products as hawkers to collect money for dinner. It is also so difficult to see this, especially because there are already so many of them. The vegetable stalls are lined up next to each other and the sugar cane sellers have to fight to get a good spot at the traffic lights. No innovative business or inventive products, no, just copy and fight for the best spots… The lack of originality is a shame, but as far as work mentality is concerned, this point can also be added to the above list of positive qualities of the Ugandan.


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