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A few days of ACAT…

The time has come, we know where we are going when we leave South Africa! To eat!As we wrote in our previous blog, we spent a few days last week visiting the ACAT organization. They provide training and they also remain closely involved with the people who participate in the program for a number of years. An important part of the training is mental. It tells about God and that we can all have a relationship with Him thanks to Jesus. There is also a lot of attention for the original religions. Many people here practice some form of ancestor worship. They believe that their deceased family is with God and that the deceased can put in a good word for them with God. That is why they do everything they can to appease the deceased. This starts with expensive funerals that they cannot afford at all! Somehow they expect that the dead person will arrange with God that they will get a lot in return. However, all they get are debts and other problems… When we later visited a few people who stopped doing this and started living for Jesus, their lives had clearly changed… very special.

This week was also intended to see if we might want to work with them for a few months to learn from them. We decided not to do this. We are afraid that 5 months is a bit too long and we cannot yet promise them that we will work as they do. We have learned a lot and have maintained good contacts as a result. We may end up working with them again in another country in the future!

Anyway, in 4 weeks we will no longer be in Clansthal nor at ACAT. We are flying to Double Harvest in Ethiopia on November 21! The nice thing about this is that they have a completely different way of working than Charibiz (which we currently work for) or ACAT. Instead of helping people set up something themselves, Double Harvest has set up a large agricultural company where people can get a job. In fact, people still have to do it themselves, but the conditions are created by Double Harvest. In addition to Double Harvest, various other projects and companies have been set up in the immediate area with the aim of helping people. We are very curious! As it seems now, we will fly from Ethiopia to Uganda on January 18 (only 2 hours :-)). You can’t get into Ethiopia with a single ticket and we already wanted to visit a few projects in Uganda… In addition, we have the feeling that this could become the place where we will stay for a longer period of time… nothing is certain yet, but we now know that God always opens and closes doors for us on time!


safari breakfastWe had only just returned from ACAT when my younger brother Mindert and his fiancée Nienke arrived. They stayed for a week and we had a lot of fun and did fun things. We wanted to visit one of the many wildlife parks in the area, so this was a great opportunity… really great to see how beautifully nature has been created… Mindert and Nienke also helped us with everything and they ordered their wedding rings here… They are getting married on May 7, 2010 and we are taking their rings with us! We will probably make this our ‘summer’ holiday. Not a real summer holiday, but hey… it’s always summer in Africa 🙂 giraffeOh yes, we have adjusted our web album (right in the menu)! The photos are now clearly arranged per month… I’m going to stop now because we have now adapted to the African custom of going to sleep early and getting up early! Good night!

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