My passion for children!

From Rotterdam to Suriname and to Belgium, I couldn’t have imagined all that when I was born on an ark in Roermond. Traveling broadens your thinking and gives you insight into cultures, their customs and lifestyle. And you make friends everywhere, wherever you go, you meet many special people. In Suriname, where I worked in a children’s home for 2 years, I felt the desire to go to a Bible school. We often take many courses and spend years studying, but now I wanted to delve deeper into the Bible and gain skills that you don’t learn anywhere else. It didn’t seem that challenging to me to return to teaching, as if I had never left. I was now free from all kinds of obligations. I had quit my room, just like my job. My things were in storage, so this is an ideal time to go to a Bible school. And that’s how I ended up in Belgium. A beautiful Bible school with a good mix of theory and practice, with 20 students and a very nice boy named Martin! During the 2nd year, Martin and I were asked to lead a group of people in Holsbeek. A group of people who had just come to faith and wanted to know everything about the Bible and life with God. Every Monday evening Martin and I went from Meise to Holsbeek to give people a kind of fundamentals course. Of course we wanted to sing with the people first. But what? They didn’t know any revival songs, so we decided to teach them two songs, a canon based on a Bible text: Seek first the Kingdom of God. And a song with movements: From where the sun rises. We thought that would make them nice and free! Martin played guitar and I played the accordion. Kind of harbor singers! As soon as I hear these songs sung somewhere, I think back with passion to this time in Holsbeek. More and more people came to the Monday evening meetings and at one point there were a hundred of us in the cafeteria. Martin and I fell in love and got married after Bible college. We were asked to live in Holsbeek and lead this group of people. We renovated the large shed next to our house with a group of people and this is how the Christian community of Holsbeek was born! A large group of enthusiastic people young in faith. We had great services, people grew in faith and desire to serve God, and all the while the kids sat on our laps or played on the floor! They were part of it, but there was nothing on their level. We also only had one room, the converted barn where we held Sunday services. After a few Sundays I started to get itchy and restless and saw that the adults were getting their money’s worth but the kids were not being taught! Six children without children’s service. What now? Where there is a will there is a way. Exactly, good children’s work needed to be done here! Good children’s work in every church! That’s our slogan. Who could help me? I started looking for people who would be suitable for this. In addition to Martin and me, there was another couple who wanted to get involved but were new to child work. But where could we have the kids’ club? Well, just in our living room. Stuff aside and kids in! Every Sunday we have chocolate milk with whipped cream and a nice chat with each other first. We came up with the best interpretations, the most exciting Bible stories and the coolest songs. We drew Noah’s Ark on the street, we scattered the manna from the desert in the forest and did a treasure hunt with it. We went to sing at a mall and invited people to our Christmas party and had sleepovers at our house. The kids loved coming to the JOY club, as we called the children’s service. It was a cheerful group of children. And so we continued to build, more children joined, we split the group by age of the kids and so the KIKI club was born for the toddlers! God always has the children in mind, they can be at the center of our churches and services, they are important and deserve good education and examples in people like us. Children deserve attention and are worth investing in. I quickly learned that time and money and effort and attention automatically go to Sunday services, to the adults. I decided to always keep an eye on the children and stand up for them. To open my house to children’s clubs and activities for kids! Are you also participating?

About Karin Koornstra

Getrouwd met Martin en moeder van 2 geweldige dochters Ingeborg en Lieselot. Leerkracht, coach, leider en dirigent.Gepassioneerd voor goed kinderwerk in elke kerk!

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