Movement by God’s power

A tangible touch from God is something that many Christians long for deep down. I am still impressed that this became true last week during a conference for many people in the room, this time also for me.

Last week I attended the There is More conference together with five to six hundred other Christian leaders. This conference was organized by the Evangelical working group within the PKN. Its mission is stated on the website of this evangelical movement within the PKN. “The Evangelisch Werkverband is a renewal movement within the Protestant church in the Netherlands, which prayerfully seeks and works towards a spiritual revival for the entire church, so that it can, focused on God’s glory, in obedience to its Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit can fulfill her calling in the world.”
I was surprised by the speakers who were invited, the Americans Randy Clark and Paul Martini. Randy Clark has spearheaded a number of major revivals in various places around the world. These were always accompanied by special power and manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Because God filled my heart a few years ago with a passion for the PKN in Friesland (read more about this in the link below), I wanted to experience this. When I heard about the “There is More” conference in May, I had a strange sense of anticipation.

When I was listening to Randy Clark’s first speech on Thursday morning, after a few minutes my hands started tingling out of nowhere. I checked to see if it was because I had held them still for a while or maybe sat on them. No, it wasn’t. I immediately considered whether it might be the Holy Spirit. At that moment the tingling became stronger. Randy had asked us as listeners to stand for a moment during his speech if they experienced something of God’s Spirit. This also allowed the people in the room to see that God was doing something. During the speech, several people stood up.
When I had felt the tingling sensation for a few minutes, I decided to do the same. With nerves in my throat, about what others around me would think of me, I stood up and sat down again. The tingling disappeared. However, this was replaced by a literal supply of electrical power. From my hands to my elbow. It was very powerful. Without any pain, it was as if I had stuck both hands into an electrical socket. Meanwhile, I was filled and overwhelmed with an awe and hunger for God.

Looking back, I wonder why God did this and what it will lead to for all those people who were touched. I am very curious and full of expectations. In any case, it now results in an urge for intercession. Together with a group of PKN brothers and sisters, I want to soon start an intercession group for the church in Friesland.
My prayer is: Renew Your church, so that it revives and becomes powerful in a society that is increasingly turning its back on our living Lord.

…that your faith should not consist in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. (1 cor 2:5 ESV)


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