Love and adoration

In July we went as a family to Camping de Betteld in Zelhem for a week. For the past ten years, Ina and I have been involved as coaches with MegaKids (the children’s work program that Royal Mission provides during holidays on the Betteld). We invested in young leaders who grew personally as a result, and together we were able to provide the children with a fantastic week. Now was a good time for Ina and me to hand over the baton and pass on the responsibility to some of these leaders. Love During this week we were able to relax and enjoy with our children and an old love surfaced. I used to often go fishing with the kids and we decided to take it up again this week. Successfully; we dragged the biggest carp out of the lake. When I talk about the love of fishing and the love we experience for our children, we use the same word for love. And yet I mean something completely different by it. In Greek there are four words that contain the concept of love:Storge (natural love),PhileO (brotherly love),Eros (erotic love) andAgape (unconditional love). So you could say that IStorge I love fishing andAgape love for my children. Praise and Praise During our holiday week we also attended a service in the large hall. During worship, I looked around and saw many young people kneeling, in tears, and some with their hands raised, worshiping God. Others expressed their love for Him through dancing and later in the evening they went wild jumping and cheering for the King. I really enjoy all these expressions of worship! I have learned, just like the word love, that the words praise and praise as we have translated them into Dutch, are so much richer in Hebrew. There are no fewer than seven Hebrew words that have been translated into English as praise and praise. Yâdâh: to venerate or worship with outstretched hands. Hâlal: boast, shine, celebrate. Zâmar: making music, celebrating with songs and music. To strike the strings or parts of a musical instrument. Tôwdâh: an offering of praise. Thanksgiving for things we have not yet received. Bârak: Kneeling Tehillâh: singing a new song. A spontaneous song. Shâbach: to call out to someone in a loud voice. Glorify and proclaim victory. Worship leader Worshiping God is our mission, which we should experience with our entire personality. We all have different temperaments and we can worship God in a way that suits us completely. Just as this summer my love for fishing with my children was sparked, God has long been fueling me with His Agape love and I can express this with music and voice to lead people to the Father’s Heart of God. The place where you can relax and where you can respond to his love for you in worship. The place where you can receive restoration, encouragement and empowerment to rule together with Him. Renewal service Last season, Gilles Riemens and I started with renewal services. On Sunday morning we want to come to your church to lead a worship service. Making room for the richness of worship, the work of the Holy Spirit and His Agape love for you. If there is a desire in your community for such a service, please visit our website at the link below for more information. My prayer is that churches will become a place where God will be worshiped in all freedom and diversity.

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Getrouwd met Ina, familieman, gepassioneerd aanbiddingsleider, en bij Royal Mission onder andere coördinator van de School voor Leiders.

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