Longing for a miracle

How do you long for a miracle if nothing changes in your situation? How do you long for a miracle when the complaints increase? How do you long for a miracle, for a touch from Jesus, in a healthy way? Our son’s complaints started seven years ago, and within a few months it turned out that almost all his joints were actively inflamed as a result of rheumatism. He could barely walk, he couldn’t eat independently, he couldn’t climb stairs. The disease limited our toddler in so much of his play and his playing field for development became smaller and smaller. How do you long for a miracle for your child? Without giving false hope. Without diminishing the greatness of God. Without making concessions to what the Bible says about healing. Without becoming bitter. Continuing to long for a miracle when the miracle is not yet visible is quite a challenge for your faith! Of course we prayed and asked others to pray with us. There were prayers! Friends, family and friends of family. We received encouragement, kind words, it helped us enormously to bear the disease. Where one member of a family is ill, the entire family is out of balance. Our son’s illness affected us all. Longing for a miracle, it could overwhelm me. Tears ran down my cheeks when we were on our way back to the hospital for examinations, blood tests or treatments. Lord, when will this nightmare end? My heart cried out. Christians can then come up with the most special comments. Did we give our tithes? Perhaps a hidden sin in our lives? Or something in our ancestry? We examined our hearts, our lives… We wanted nothing more than to find something to help us get a grip on this disease that we felt so powerless to deal with. We couldn’t get a grip, there was no miracle. Rheumatism continued to spread. A healing service for children. Should we do that now? What do we teach him with that? What is the image of God he gets if he doesn’t heal in this service? How do you long for a miracle with your child? We chose to go. It was a beautiful service, many children were healed. Not our child. On the way home I asked what he thought of the ‘church’. He said with joy that he thought it was so cool that Jesus had healed all those children. It was a shame that he was not healed, but that didn’t matter because he could still wait for Jesus to heal him. For our son, two things were certain during the entire time he was ill: ‘Jesus is going to heal me and I am going to play football!’ We reached out again and again to heal him, sometimes with him and usually without him. We continued to call on Heavenly Father in our time of need. For strength and courage to endure the disease and for a miracle. Lord protect our hearts, we continue to hope in You. You are the Physician, the Chief Doctor as our son called God. “There is a doctor in the hospital, but Jesus is the Chief Doctor.” On a Sunday there was a call in the church, if you wanted you could go to one of the couples in the room for prayer. Prayers were said for us as a family while the children were not present. After the service we picked up the kids and went home. Nothing visible had taken place. Looking back, that was the turning point, and the following week saw a miraculous recovery. The funny thing is that we longed so much for a miracle and now we almost didn’t dare to face the fact that a miracle had happened. Our son started walking more, playing more and had significantly less pain. At the next check-up, the rheumatologist couldn’t believe his eyes. We had not said anything prior to the check-up, we wanted to be sure that what we saw was real and not ‘wishful thinking’ or a well-known revival in the clinical picture. The rheumatologist kept checking, and he said in surprise: ‘I can’t find any inflammation in the body, but also no aftermath of the inflammation. This cannot be a result of the medication, I do not understand this.’ Eighteen months later, his medical file was closed by the rheumatologist, supernatural recovery had taken place in his body and our son was completely healed. Jesus healed him and he enjoys playing football every day! How do you keep longing for a miracle? By going to Jesus again and again, focusing your hope on Him every time. Jesus wants to heal because His desire for you is that you are healthy. He is your support in the time when the miracle is not yet present. He helps you wait. He comforts you in your sorrow. He helps you to tolerate the disease. He is the Supreme Doctor who desires to make your body healthy. Are you hesitating to come to the Wonderful Sunday for Kids? I can imagine that, really good. I cordially invite you to come anyway, with your child. I pray for you and for you as a family that you will find courage to seek Jesus and let Him know, again, that you long for a miracle. To focus your hope on Him. Jesus does not disappoint! INFO HERE

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