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‘Shalla in development’ ( By Berdien Coster) Over the past 8 months, a lot of work has been done at the Senbete Shalla Health Center! Following the 2016-2017 food program funded through Royal Mission, a follow-up project has been launched for the Shalla Community. The relationship with the local Muslim community had become so special that we wanted to take this unique opportunity to further invest in this environment.

Now that the drought is over, we have started working on healthcare. We have expanded and renovated the local Health Center. Connecting corridors have been created for existing blocks and an extension with a central reception, examination room and waiting area. A man we know from the former food program sighed in amazement and exclaimed, “Shalla is growing!” All existing buildings have been repainted, the broken windows have been replaced and what was definitely progress: after years of being in the dark due to a burned-out electrical system, the Health Center is now back in full light. I thought it was a beautiful thought: we literally brought the light. But it is a symbol of the Light. Between all the companies we have been given the space to speak to women about the gospel, we have tried to show them the love of Jesus by having an open heart and ear for all their problems and provided personal support where necessary. It is such a spiritually dark area with so many problems. Many prayers have gone up for this area. Seed has been sown. We hope and pray for the fruits of the harvest! Eight months ago the compound was still full of cows, dogs, donkeys and goats. That is now a thing of the past. The compound has a beautiful iron fence. This provides safety and contributes to hygiene. The waste has found its place in the provision of a placental pit and an incinerator.

All in all: the forgotten Senbete Shalla Health Center has been put on the map. Due to the construction work, it has been selected as the best Health Center in the area. This means that other organizations will also come to provide their care, such as eye care.

Yes, we have something to celebrate! Here we have already slaughtered the goat that was offered to us by the community leaders. This was just the follow-up project. But we trust that much more will happen!

Eighteen months ago we set foot in this unknown Muslim area for the first time to provide food to people in famine. We still hear people’s testimonies of how it saved their lives and the lives of their children from death. Now there is a beautiful Health Center, complete with a flower garden and fruit trees.

It is nice to say that, after the balance sheet of the financial administration has been drawn up, 97% of the budget has actually gone directly to the project. Our big thanks go to everyone who contributed to this by making a donation!

No, we’re not closing it yet. Senbete Shalla has our heart. And our God is a God who makes impossible things possible. His Spirit can make this area completely blossom. The next step is to provide the area with (drinking) water. Can you already see it? A dry area that turns into a green and fertile area? That is our dream. Will you join us in praying?

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